Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bathing with Milk and Looking at Jellies

i am now addicted to Facebook !!! geezzz ~ i know , i KNOW , this is NOT right , BUT (there always comes the BUT) BUT ... Jesus Christ !!!

even a spank wouldn't wake me up . maybe . maybe Mark was right . i have too many online homes . he said i should get a "real life" . but what the hell , man ! i DO have a real life , OK ! you can't expect me to "party" EVERYDAY to prove that i have a life wad ...

tell me . why do i see so many people's MSN contacts with online , or even WORST , 24/7 AWAY statuses . go out then off your computer la , duh ~ and not to mention some who even put ONLINE statuses when they are asleep at night .

so lonely mehhh ~ scare people can't find you when they want to arh ?

at least i am NOT like that . *pout!*

anyhow , this is my *NEW* head shot for my Facebook account !!! nice ??? *=D

feel FREE to add Cindy Tey on Facebook @ : ! (:

Facebook is sooooo much better than Friendster in a way that there are LESSER spammers and trashy la - la zai or la - la mui forwarding FWD: FWD: messages !!! -freakin' annoying , man ~ !

however , i find Facebook a lil' messy with all those applicationsss . invite here invite there , invite me to your real bash lah ! or give me a real pup white tiger from a hatching egg ~ that would be so MUCH amaaaaaazinggg ! HA-HA-HA !!!

well well , if no one is perfect then so are the creators who created these applications . but there are a few i LOVE very very much !

1. My Room !!!!!

i spent 3 days to furnish this , OKAY ! cuz i was so stupid ! i decorated it all and stuff to realize i have 0 coins . whatthehell ~ and alas ! here is My Room !!! *=D

2. My Fluff Friend !!!!!

i chose a TOFU as a pet ! hehe !! and i LOVE it very much lorrr ~ cuz each time i look at this image i really can DIET and STOP eating . don't know why , but i'm not kidding !

p/s : please PET my t o f u n i and Check Out Its' Profile ~ ! ^^

3 . My Fab Bag !!!!!

i wish i have a real bag like this one ... oh well , but you can still send me new bags if you are on Facebook ! i'll appreciate them very much . lol !

and lastly , my SEVENTH FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT will be coming up SOON !!!

no particular reason why ; but i have about 900 friends again already ... >.< i don't simply add people alright , but if people add me i will approve lah ~ you never know who you'll meet right ?

a sneak preview of my 7th Friendster account ! T - Hee ~ !!!

p/s : if ANY of you have ANY questions about why i have so MANY Friendster accounts , please go read this .

i proudly declare that i am Single , Available , Looking for a Relationship , and i enjoy Dating . besides , kissing is a beautiful thing ; even with girls , you don't have to be a lesbian or bisexual to do that . (unless that person smokes or have penyakit lahhh ! so don't go simply kiss people)

BUT (again) , i DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY people choose to put the "Whatever I Can Get" at the "Looking For : " section in Facebook loh . whatever you can get then i give you a 50 years old negro lady from Malabbabarr island you want ? sounds so desperate , man ! *madness*

alrighto . i got a fcking 16 weeks journal to do due tomorrow !!! and all i'd done is ..... 1/2 a week's . *=S

till then .. XoxO !! (: