Sunday, October 14, 2007

When It's 1 2 3

Blazing Ad #4

so , which advertiser this time . LOOK TO THE RIGHT ~ TO THE RIGHT ~ *=DDD

this time it's our favourite NIKE which comes with one of my favourite , FAVOURITE quote BEST for procrastinators :


so ? what has Nike to offer us this time . well , to be frank , something that shocked me because its wayyy tooooo creative .

not ONLY creative , but innovative . Nike AND iPod joined venture ! YAY ~!!! once i get back to MALAYSIA i'm sooooo gonnnnnaaa getcha' goodddd !!!

as you all know laa , i am latterly a fat girl with a sprained ankle lost at a bloody depressing island called Tasmania . imagine if i am BACK to the gym @ Celebrity Fitness on the TREADMILL with my CHIO new pair of Nike shoes on my ORIENTATED ankle and my PINK iPod wearing a NEW shirt ... mua hahaha ~ ~ ~

as you can see (if you are at Australia i don't know why you can't) on the FIRST box on your RIGHT panel , Nike is giving out a FREE Nike + iPod Sports Kit with any Nike+ footwear !

how to use the thing lehhh ???

(you can click to enlarge to see how it works . damn chio !)

1. Get a pair of Nike+ shoe
2. Get an iPod nano

3. Get the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit !!!

the shoes look very commfffyyy ~ i love ~ (:

well , if you bo lui pun , this collaborative "project" is worth acknowledging . CAUSE I ASK YOU TO !!!

hahaha ... no lah . it's really not because of the trend only , but it helps you keep FIT !

to those of you who had so happen to have just bought your Nike+ shoe , download your Nike+ voucher here .

so , feel free to CLICK that very Nike-ize ad to have a breeze run tour ~ !!! ;D


Launceston Show Day !

Mr KinWai and I went to the Launceston fair two days ago ! pretty lucky me actually , cuz i found out that many students who terperuk here for 3 or 5 years but STILL never go , while this is only my first year . ^^

it IS a MUST to go . why ? because they played fireworks !!! :DDD must go rite ?

the funfair from afar ... and that white spotlight looks like a UFO ride ~ lol

this friendly woman is making WARM Cola™ lollipop ! i'd never love cola ; but this is delicious !

a colorful vendor selling colorful drinks . bah ~

they sell this EVERYWHERE . my gosh ~ dagwood dagwood dagwoods . do you know what that is ? it even looks wrong . the ones at Korea are so much CHEAPER and NICER .

go play photohunt using that photo above if you dont know what it is . it's in there . -___-"

# 1

# 2

# 3 - me with tigger . i look like a freakin' 16 years old , man ~ dunno why .

the ZIPPER !!!

Miss C and KiNsLaYeR -he likes to be called that i think .

now . FIREWORKS !!! i purposely put them in a slide so that you can "feel it" more .

i know i am considerate . HA - HA - HA !!!

this is Kinny's FIRST ferris wheel ride in his WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE ! my God ~ what have you been doin' .

COLD leh ; no wonder our nose so red ~

European Settlement Scene @ Mercure Hotel

just an excerpt from the upcoming FINAL grad play ; Tamar Tidings .

Ain | Miss C | Kristen | Tracy

Sarah | Ain | Mo

Jon | Miss C | Liam | Joss

ends well . (:

YeeWon 's 21ST Birthday Party a.k.a Paris Hilton Style !

the fanned out culinary

the birthday girl giving her speech with her b/f .

the - kiss .

now , it's girls' territoryyy !

yeewon and the her bio-med classmates

# 1 i posed with her birthday present the XOXO bear

# 2 the pose yeewon taught me . hahaha !!! the legs that's the story ~

picture perfect

picture gone wrong

roses for the birthday girl ; which is actually from her b/f lah

NOW horrr , is the moment you MUST see . REALLY geh -the most SPECIAL birthday cake EVER .

to : the princess

it had firecrackers as the candles at the peak before !

the cake designer

whilst irene and i were the selected ones to help divide cake ! (and we had heart chocolates for doing so besides the "prince and princess" !)

the pillow pastry with strawberry filling in it

the marvelous combination of ice cream , berries , dough , jam , and chocolates .

tsk TSK : this venue was actually a place for couples to do their weddings . and this lady , who made the ice cream cake , taught me HOW to fabricate this (wedding) cake !!!

so to those of you who wanna try some lehhh ... come to my house after i go back Malaysia . we make together . YaY !!! *:DDD

p/s : but must make bookings .

how can we posers not pose with such dainty morsel servingsss

see Mr Kinny who doesn't know how to pose ~ hahaha !!! but not bad la ...

looks like Miss C hasn't post up long longgg posts that eats up your bytes , eh ?

but here , there's more .

Dinner @ Dynasty

the $20 tic for students !

Dynasty indeeeed !

i can't believe i couldn't remember his name AGAIN ! *darn , Cindy , darn!*

Miss C & Irene jie ~ !!!

macam family portrait sajer ... siapa kahwin ? lolz

LOBSTERRR !!! damn ho chiak , man !!!

drooolers -but the chicken got "chao geh bu" smell (smelly mother chicken)

dessert time !

these bowls remind me of the video at YouTube where my husband (you know who?) played a sweet tune using utensils !!! geng lerhh ~ ~ ~ ^^

coco fondue

is useless without fruits

Miss C is making an attempt to make COTTON CANDY ?!?!?! hahaha ... ho chio ~ jadi mehh

jadi also geh ... but that big one is Irene 's . lmao !

a picture with different people , different emotions , different actions .

my heart 's still here , but my mind 's faraway back home . how do you deal with this ?

do you follow your heart , or do you follow your mind ? or ... was it . vice versa ?