Saturday, October 20, 2007

Raya kat Aussie

throughout my almost one year stay here in Tassie , that was my happiest day so far . i don't really know why , but it really was .

even before we left for the party , i was already feeling vivacious and roseate . perhaps its because i already knew what to wear the night before . but i don't think so . or it could be that i just simply love the vista of my nails i freshly painted red .

or perhaps its because i thought my only pair of eyes is on the road to recovery , and i jovially wore my lenses on that day . but from today onwards i'll have to " stop wearing them for half a year " , said my optometrist with a solace philanthropy face . just like a momento mori . i gave a little sigh ; holding back the elephantine pressure at the back of my throat . his words hurt me ten times more than the words an ex boyfriend could say asking for a break up .

i know i am vain oh so vain . i claim that Cindy is a very serious perfectionist when it comes to anything revolving the word " beauty " . so veracious , such a hard-core .

i complaint about how homesick i felt yesterday and today i don't feel like going home at all .

it is an absolute twist in my mind i wouldn't want to untwist . i thought i could have my laser surgery done once i reach home , but it seems like i can't do anything about it for exactly half a year now . rather would i stay here at this place working as a part-time waitress till my student visa ends at March 08' THEN go back looking all good with fucking lenses .

i'd rather NOT spend Christmas , count downs , Chinese New Year or any fucking "new" years with so many faces with my bloody fucking glasses on my nose bridge which feels like its sinking day by day !!! ))):

i will loose some things , but will gain some too no matter which choice i choose to make . neither one is impossible , but this tornado twist just came all the sudden , and i really don't know what to do ...

please don't tell me things like , "you look fine wearing glasses" or "so what if you have to wear glasses ? if i were you dot dot dot" because you are just not as vain as i am ; you are not me , and you can NEVER know how it feels like to be M.E !!!

instead , please do tell me what pros and cons do you think i could gain if i choose to go back to Malaysia to spend time with relatives and friends OR stay back here and work part-time . besides , by March it would be the fifth month already !

ok , remember arr , give me useful opinions please . i've been asking around many people on MSN and Facebook but everyone just tells me how OKAY i look with glasses which DUH of coz i know i don't look FUGLY ... but this has now already become a sensitive case of a perfectionist Perfectionist , understood ?

kkk , story to offer :

the party which happens to be my happiest day during my stay here , was the OPEN HOUSE @ 53 Parua Road for HARI RAYA !!!

the house i found quite hard to climb because i havent makan for 2 days . (save space for stomach to makan here marrr)

awww ... how sweet ~

not a very sunny day , but i felt sunnier than the shy sun and chirpier than the birds !

photos grabbed from Ain and Shasha :

the Malay girls cooking a day before (i didn't go cuz kinwai and i went for the fieworks instead . lol!)

the guys making dodol while burning calories ...

food !!!

FOOD !!!!!

ahhh ... foooooddddd ... lol !

London Almond all the way from Malaysia ? betul ke nih , Shasha ?

looking beautiful in tudungs

i find this picture very suitable for Pumpkin Patch™ !!! so sweeeeet ~ :DDD

back to my own Photo Courtesy :

Happy Makan !

Khulbir who will always know whenever a camera focuses on him . -so unfair . lol

some beautiful Malay girls picnic-ing with their well tossed hair

Alfi slurping down his own dodol recipe ~ lol !

Shasha looking gorgeous in RED ! -alahhh ,,, baju kurung you sembunyik kat dalam ~

Nurul and KinWai in RED !

i think we all want Chinese New Year too . hahaha !!!

Suresh | Miss C | Vaseist (with the two MACHAS) wearing WHITE ! -so white can shoot Dynamo™ ad already

Vaseist | Najib (our beloved MSA President) | Khulbir -i love Najib's baby blue baju melayu !!! so cute ~ hehe !!

POSER !! hahaha !!! dear double K(s) Khulbir and Kamini in black and white hues with sunnies ~

my favourite selections ; which includes EVERYTHING actually . q:

caught red-handed lahhh ... so malu . you can never see me WITHOUT a new white plate filled with food on my finger tips ...

with Alfi ; the more Chinese than Chinese guy i love most ; to EAT and be AROUND with ! -" Cindy , 会啊~!" LOL ! this guy here speaks mandarin with a Terengganu slang . *heart*

Ester | Miss C | Christina -finally i seh dak put my plate(s) down .

Miss C and the Malay girls in GREEN . lawa-nyeee ~ !!!

thank you Auntie K !!! (auntie K is the woman wearing black) if no auntie K no good food !!!

# a MUST - HAVE group picture !

Smiley Faces of the Day !!!

Miss C and YeeWon -i think we look brighter than the Sun . lol

Ain and Miss C -the "Power" picture ; cuz Scorpios are NEVER unaattractive !

HAHAHA !!! ACAP and iii !!! -we stuffed in cookies and made our mouth VERY The Dry and snapped this pic to see how it'll look like !

KinWai and Miss C -Soft and Sensuous ~

under a wafer tree ??? : Miss C and Lim Boon Hong (!!!) -grrrr ~ who sent me a zombie in my Facebook " My Room " !!! ))))):

Jonathan Liew | Darren Leong | Cindy Lim -HAHAHA!!! no lah ~ Lim is NOT my surname !

i thought that i wanna take a chio black and white picture ! , but this cheeky Ain buat picture i funny ~

ok la ... give you chance -Ain and Kamini

Miss C & Kamini (FINALLY~!)

budak sakit , as we claimed it

" ... you're way too beauuutiful girlll ~ ~ ~ " -i don't know why Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girl is stuck in my head right now . *notice the landscape ? ; taken by professional lehh

my idea of a picnic-shot give-it-a-go thingyyy

Nazreen | Ash | Kinny | Miss C | Kamini -i was very happY !!! duno why ~ !!!

Scorpio lah , Aries lah , Pieces lah , Gemini lah -"some people" just makes your life harder but its all fine . (:

it's the Friends , not the Food , that made this such a beautiful day . but if i were to stay here during Chinese New Year ... no one's gonna be here ... ))): how laaa ...

hmm , anyway , raya got 30 days rite ?

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin !

*~* XOXO *~*