Tuesday, May 1, 2007



I wonder. Now, this is getting REALLY weird. Am I a mess head or WHAT?!

First of ALL. The Second of ALL will have to continue in the next entry, as I am very, very hungry.

Firstly. My 5TH FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT is gone. What? Yes. G-O-N-E. How did that happen? Well, I DON'T KNOW! It just did!
I had like 687+ friends added & now they all gone missing as well. My old friends, new friends, meaningful testimonials & comments, messages I somewhat treasure, all GONE. Want another BONUS? It takes about TEN (used to be FIVE) minutes to upload ONE damn picture, I uploaded about 12 that day & now? Shites!!!
I forced myself to believe & understand that everything, (even shitty ones like that) happens for a reason (though I JUST COULDN'T find ANY for this!) & made a *NEW account. Yes, yes~ ANOTHER. sweetprincesscindylicious@yahoo.com Well, I have,
  • sassyprincesscindylicious.yahoo.com,
  • sexyprincesscindylicious.yahoo.com,
  • princesscindylicious.yahoo.com, &
  • cindy_cinderella86@yahoo.com .
I know, many have been complaining on why are my addSSSSS so LONGGGGG but I guess its so to make you COMPLAIN? *muahaha!*

Now. Issues. The -

Top Ten MOST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q1: How many FRIENDSTER account. do you have?
A1: I have 5 FRIENDSTER accounts, my dear.

Q2: Why do you have so many FRIENDSTER accounts?
A2: Because they just get so spilling-out kinda FULL & there is nothing I can do about it?!! I can't just NOT have any accounts anymore just because one is FULL while you guys out there have *NEW peeps adding in! That's so unfair! & it also means I am closing down all possibilities of making *NEW friends at the age of 20! Geez~

Q3: You simply add people wan arh? Why you have so many friends?
A3: People just add me while I ONLY add peeps I know, + secondary friends I believe have the POTENTIAL 2 be friends with,OR in exceptional cases, if I happen to think that you so damn interesting / special / beautiful I want to know more about your life. I don't simply go around & add random people!

Q4: How do you manage so many accounts?
A4: Basically, I don't really manage the FULL ones anymore. I only log in to them once every 3 weeks. The active one, however, will always be active; e.g. uploaded with time-to-time pictures, current interests, new discoveries of self observation, etc. & yes, I spend a LOT of my time ON my siteS (FRIENDSTERS, blog, MSN & craps like that). That's why I am REALLY M.A.D when something goes WRONG!

Q5: So many accounts for what??? You so free arh?
A5: To update myself with my friends' lives & see how others are living theirs too when I am free, Ding Head! Don't tell me you don't go around viewing people's profileS anyway. So, WHY do you view them for? C2pid! Another thing I always hear is this. "She VIEWED Me!" =.= What's the BIG DEAL about VIEWING??? Isn't your profile MADE to be VIEWED?!? Dumb biatches.

Q6: Can you add me? / Can I add you? This is my add: abcdefg@hothoo.com
A6: Are you blind, or what? It's SO the-OBVIOUS in my profiles that I stateD : Add this this this add. Even more than obvious would be my FOUR other accounts displayed on my profile! Do YOU think I have time to add YOU? I already gave you my add(s)!!! Jesus Christ~! Can't you show a bit more sincerity if YOU really want to be FRIENDS with me, rather than just sending me a lame random message?

Q7: Where do you stay? / How old are you? / Are you studying? Or working? / bla bla blaS.
A7: With reference to the answer for Q6. CAN'T YOU SHOW MORE SINCERITY IF YOU ARE REALLY "SO" DAMN FUCKING INTERESTED WITH BEING FRIENDS WITH ME? It's ALL in my PROFILE & my last login is ALWAYS "Last 24 hours"! How OUTDATED can THAT be???!

Q8: What is your MSN add?
A8: I don't give out my MSN add to friends I know from Friendster. Sorry! It only happens if...

Q9: Can I have your telephone number?
A9: NO. The only possibility is ONLY IF I had chose to add you in my MSN. This is how the procedure goes: MSN add only given through Friendster, telephone number through MSN (not neccessarily).

Q10 is more of an opinion, rather than Question.

I have a friend name, *Kaiyosa. I added him on Friendster, added some of his friends (guys AND girls) whom I know, sent them testimonials, & also, added his girlfriend. OK. Why?

To me, if HE is MY friend, then his GIRLFRIEND is also MY friend. Why shouldn't it be? It's not like I befriend my girl friend's BOYFRIEND without her knowing it~! It's the SAME SEX! I only have a pure intention to just be F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

But *Kaiyosa came to me one day & asked me WHY I added his GIRLFRIEND. Apparently, his GIRLFRIEND had a fight with him just because I added HER & also for sending him a very straight-forward THANK YOU testimonial. So, I was called "Itchy-Hands", had an "interview" on WHY I added his girlfriend & at last requested me to delete the testimonial / comment. I did that effortlessly, but to my surprise, this GIRL viewed & approved me after all; after scolding her boyfriend.

I can't view her before, as her profile was restricted to only her friends. OK, no comment to that. It's an individual choice of demanding a certain amount of privacy. BUT :


So scared then don't play lah! Go make a sharing account with your boyfriend & steal all his passwords to every single access he has!

LOOK clearly at the word F R I E N D S T E R. The "ter" there is for what?! To MAKE FRIENDS! Its not like I will steal your boyfriend then rape you after that~! Fuck.

So people, KEEP IN MIND that I have many accounts for a standard reason, & I will only have 7, max. The 7TH will only be exclusively for my very, close friends. Hopefully, a shared one with my other half by then. Sharing with no shame at all. How does that sounds? (=

OK, hungry~~~ C u laytah! Chiaoz! q: