Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One O One

Let's talk about the face. (=

What about the face?

Today's story is about How do we Remove our Make up COMPLETELY the

There are
TWO ways that I, practice daily.

1ST one is the easiest, fastest way to remove your eye AND face makeup which requires Shu Eu's Cleansing Beauty Oil.

3 pumps onto your palms and start to massage your face. Your eye area should be the last to go because you don't wanna mask your face black by smudging the eye liner and mascara all over it!

Rinse at LEAST 3 times with lukewarm water
until you notice the water looks clear and not MILKY anymore. This is very important to avoid BREAKOUTS!

This, is my most preferred way --- except for the fact that Shu Eu costs me 100 bucks per bottle. ))): And that is why,,, we have the second option! (You can use Method 1 when you are too lazy or tired instead).

2ND way requires an eye make-up remover, and a cleansing lotion.

Let's start with the
eye. All this while, I've been using EA's All Gone Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. It has two layers of liquid which is the BESTEST BEST I've ever used so far.

Wet a piece of cotton pad with it (or any other eye makeup remover you prefer. Maybeline's is not bad too).

Place the cotton on your closed eye for about a minute. Allow all the makeup around that delicate area to dissolve before gently wiping it off. This is very important because you don't want fine permanent lines around your eyes do you?!

See? My cotton pad is still SQUARE; which means no rubbing was involved during the shoot.

Now, the

I'm using
SIMPLE's Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Milk Lotion. It's affordable, non-oily, friendly to all skin types, it is GOOD. Simple.

Here, you might have to waste a number of cotton pads because the truth is you'll have to repeatedly wipe the makeup off your face until
NO trace is left seen on the cotton. (VERY IMPORATANT TOO; or there will be no point for me to do this post seriously)

See; here my cottons aren't squarish anymore. Please DON'T follow me. Wipe your face

Double cleanse your face with a facial cleanser that suits your skin. (Don't be lazy)

Now that your whole face is clean and clear from those unwanted foreign molecules, it is now time to RINSE your EYES..... *jeng jeng jeng~

Whether you are using Method 1 or 2, during the process of removing your eye makeup, there will be traces of left-over oil residing inside your eyes. Therefor, I highly recommend you to rinse your only pair of eyes with
Oprex. You won't believe it until you try it! Oprex is God.

This is a buttoned towel I use when I wash my face so that I don't wet my lovely clothes. It can also be worn when you put on your makeup if you couldn't decide what to wear yet! :D

Now that ends our
makeup remover 101 'tutorial' today! I always play some nice, sexc jazzy music before going into the bathroom. Trust me; it seriously does make bathing and makeup removing a whole lot more fun and relaxing. ^^


That's all for now folks and fairies~! I'm going to NuffNang's StarTrek movie premier @ Cineleisure tonight... Gotta go get ready. Have fun (gently) washing that face and see ya'll next post~! *;D