Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cura Box

Guess where did I just come back from?

My house. HA HA HA!

Now now, don't feel too insulted. The truth is, I just got done with my manicure FROM my own house. It felt
sooo good it was like I went to do it somewhere at a Nail Bar but this, is better cause I. saved. my. BUCKS! DIY is now the new trend thanks to recession.

Do you remember my baby cot?
Ahh, I think it slipped my mind before to introduce to you, Ai Yu. Ai Yu is the name of my unicorn - Guardian of the Cura Box.

Ai means love, while Yu means feather. Technically, Ai Yu's name means Love Freedom.

The Cura Box. (cura = cure in Latin)

Frankly, I am a very rough girl. That's why I don't do pedicures. Even OPI chips off by evening the next day! lol... So paying to get my nails done is absolutely ridiculous. Even doing it myself, I have no heart for it cause I know it will chip away like corn flakes.

However, I learned a
*new* EASY way to paint your nails which will make it look like its damn PRO. All you need are 4 pretty basic colors...

Glittering Silver | Black | Glittering Pink | and Silver Hearts.

There are ONLY
5 simple steps to this.

Step One: Apply 1 coat of glittering silver.

Step Two: Apply a stroke of black from right and end at upper left just like the picture above.

Step Three: Apply glittering pink starting from middle part of nail till tip (covering black too).

Step Four: Re-apply glittering silver from bottom to middle nail to blend with the pink.

Step Five: Use a toothpick to pick a silver heart from nail color and place it carefully wherever you like. Mine's at bottom left.

Use a hair dyer to speed up the drying process (OPTIONAL).

Your nail design is now


Wear a LBD to match it with your freshly painted nails.

Now you are ready to go out for dina! Good luck~