Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kay Tee.

This is the only post I can do that is closest to home as a matter of the heart. For the past few weeks I've been blogging about my PPKTP trip and finally, we almost come to an end.

Not sure if you realized, but I originally categorized this series of entries simply as
PPKP, until i made a last minute decision to join my parents to Kuala Terengganu; which is my mum's hometown. And so I added a -T to it.


This 2 days 1 night trip however, was not a
fun~fun thing like the other 'P's and 'K', but it's for cheng beng (perayaan membersihkan kubur). I'm splitting this post into two because they are both two individually different stories.

Day One started like this :

My parents and I stayed over at my aunt's place @ Equine Park the day before, so that our cars could leave together at the same time...

Missing dad's car. But I'll see it again this Friday. =D

We stopped by
Karak for food and that's where our mission to reach KT bergether-gether was destroyed! --- Cause my uncle forgot to take the turning into this town :

But it's okay. Cuz in the end, we DID reach at the same time. I don't know how that happened LOL --- But even
after we went for lunch and bought roast ducks & chickens for other relatives, we still made it TOGETHER AS ONE! *yay~ mission accomplished.

This was where we had our brunch.
Yik Kee Restaurant, is located opposite the 'KAMPUNG BARU KARAK' sign in the picture above above.

While waiting for the empty table to be laid... With food.

There are TWO things Karak, or Yik Kee is famous for. Number 1, is their
bakeries and pastries :

Baking ~HOT~ in the oven.

While these are the sweet morsels.

NON HALAL) Char Siew Pau, Char Siew Bun, and Fried Yam Stuffed with the SAME Char Siew...

I'm sorry to say, but have my word when I say this - Yik Kee
jatuh standard. The Char Siew wasn't that tasty, the dough wasn't soft and flakey... The whole 'famous pastries' thing just doesn't work anymore. It felt more like a lie, or perhaps its just too yesterday.

The SECOND thing they are famous
fehmes for is their soy sauce :

This is
'the brand'. Well this one, I have no say. Siao meh; drink soy sauce! But after tasting their dishes, we do not want to risk wasting our money; even if it's for a few bucks.

Their used-to-be
fehmes Seafood Fried Noodles and roast quack. The duck is okay, but the noodles had sadly, turun standard. Sorry lahhh to say you know~

However, mum had a strong good faith saying that maybe it's because we reached there too early, so perhaps the head chef hasn't arrived, therefor we shouldn't judge them so much for now.

So plan your journey ahead and reach Karak during lunch, not brunch.

Mr Yikkie number 5678234 (cuz they have so many branches at 1 place) was very kind tho; he gave us ladies a bottle of this each :

Asam!!! So our journey would be less nauseous!! Ahhh~ Brilliant! XD

*** Zzzz ***

I woke up 30 minutes before reaching
Padang Midin, a few kilometers from the city to visit my other aunt.

See my dad carrying that big bag of stuff? Hahaha~ At Terengganu (at least practiced in my mum's family), it's all about
giving, 0% calculating.

Couz Jaclyn and the stupid reptile.

It used to be
soooooooooooooo tiny and look at what 5 years had done to him!

And now, it's all about
food, my dear. Wondrous, GLORIOUS, food.

What the hell is this?! HAHAHA... *make-fun make-fun! I'm just joking.

This is the
mee goreng + meehun my Mom used to fav when she was still in school. (hahahaha... I can't help not imagining; it's so funny) Cause all this time, she had been searching for this mee lady who only treats male customers properly but fries good mee. But now that my aunt found her, her mee sucks already! Jatuh standard. Hahaha~ So my mum was disappointed.

hey, I don't care~ I think it's COOL! I mean, imagining eating what your parents' used to eat when they were YOUNGER THAN YOU!!! XD

rojak was awesome. I like it.

worse keropok lekor in KT might prolly be the BEST in KL. However, this is the good ones aunt Eng bought us. *yummmsss, you have to be jealous cause you can't find it~! =P

It's hidden in the
selok-belok of the lorong lorongs with long tok-tok (atuk) or kebayan names.

Aunt Eng is a real EXPERT in making
Kuih Koci. I've had so many kuih kocis and nothing beats hers. If I could share, I believe you would agree with me completely.

Her next other
BEST THANG in town is her Jui Kueh (Direct translation: Water Kueh). If she were to sell RM5 for a piece, I would STILL pay for it man!

Now that ends my high tea session after 5 years of not visiting KT. *burps~

It's time. to play. with Julian.

JULIAN!!! Haha.. Baby Julian nicknamed Cutie.

And couz Jaclyn nicknamed JQ.


This part is a bit... Quaint? It's about a new empty building that belongs to my uncle (Mom's 2nd eldest brother). My late grandfather's wish is to turn this land into something and finally, my uncle made his dream came true.

Yellow Green Yellow Green --- Julian peeped @ my pink camera. Hehe!!

Yellow Yellow --- We're going upstairs.

Trying my
best to be artistic, so please don't be sarcastic.

At the TOP view where I felt : 'FUTURE!' Haha~

JZ | JQ | Julian


Family RE-Union Dinner @ Ocean.

*respect respect!!


I am a
gi nia sai. If you don't understand Hokkien please don't even bother trying.


Went to Shayne girl's house afterwards and saw
two darling cute puppies!! TWO!!!! :DD

See how Curly sleeps? QUICK find it's two tiny fury legsss!! *geram

This is Benji. Benji is
reaaaaaaally naughty...

WooF wOOf~!

Inside the house where the mothers talked to other mothers and the fathers watch television, us girls had an extremelicious
Barbie time!

Cause Shayne owns a vast COLLECTION of BARBIES! I believe this is every girl's dream.

There are more of them dolls underneath the table... Doll Domination.

Jesus Christ. GIRL POWER!!!!!

JQ | Nicole | Grace | Me | Shayne | Candice

Don't we make you boys sick?

BARBIEEESSS !!!!! !!!!!