Friday, April 24, 2009

The Barisan National Car Sticker.

Hello all,

I really don't know if I should be happy, or sad. Or should I not be sad but happy. Or just be sad cuz it's okay to be once in a while...


Truth to be told, I got into an accident. It involved me and two elder Indian man in an old blue Wira. The older one took something out that looked like a Barisan Nasional car sticker to threat me. The younger one quickly pushed the old hand away, and he hid it behind his back. Errr... What's that sticker for again?
Old men really need more dramas in their life than Drama Queens.

The old young man pointed his finger at me when HE stopped at a yellow line in front of a T-junction!, and asked me to pay him money. He was afraid to settle it at the police station, but I went anyway. I mean, fuck you man. I ain't scared.

There, I was treated sickly by a 2 fierce Malay police women who didn't allow me to lodge a report. Apparently, I have to do so at the one at Jalan Bandar!
Errr... What's a POLICE STATION for again?? And why do police women have to be SO rude???
C'mmon. You know how they can be.

But thank God there was a kind one who at least tried to search the report form for me.


On a happier note, you'll see me in The Star METRO newspaper tomorrow; Saturday.

Sorry guys, I just have to let this out. I don't mean to be racist but please lah.


Goodbye. This is a One Day Post. I'll see you tomorrow in the papers, or if not, here.

*hugs myself