Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello, Star!

Since when did Malaysia become a universe of constellations. Last week, we talked about Pluto (Perlis) and today, we journey to a pretty little Star call Alor Star!

Who's from Kedah raise your hands!!! Hahaha... I bet this looks familiar to you?

Menara Alor Setar - Alor Star Tower. Apparently, this pencakar langit is the 19th tallest telecommunication tower in the World! Don't play pray man~


My parents and I stayed in a nice and neat hotel room which looks like this :

I obviously had the whole bed on my own~ Yeee HAA!

The name is
Starcity Hotel.

NOW, it is TIME to look for FOOD! There are 4OUR places in total that I shall share with you today...

In the car we go~ (Tho I HATE wearing seat belts at the back of the car, but oh well... Whatever~)


1. TRADITIONAL Nasi Kandar
This kopitiam is
OPPOSITE Wisma Sentosa; a few steps from UMNO Kedah's building. Remember? Can remember or not?! If cannot please go get your paper and pen cause you'll never know when you wanna travel North and know not what to eat!

This place sells
TRADITIONAL Nasi Kandar (I emphasize on the word tradisional) because it's not the BEST NK, but if you wanna to go for a more fragrant taste-from-the-good-ol'-days gulai, go to Kedai Kopi Kim Bee Chew. See how the cloth is wrapped on the lid to lock-in the moisture of this Briyani rice?

~ You must try this particular shop because we do have good NK in KL... But where do you find nasi kandar tradisional? Hieh hieh hieh!

Choose your prefered
lauk, boys and girls~! It's more AWESOME than F I swear.


That was BREAKFAST. Since
Pekan Rabu was just opposite the road, we took the jejantas and took a walk at the market to digest our food FASTER.

Despite being named Rabu, it is open EVERY DAY.

Lunch was only 2 hours apart from breakfast. However, since this tour was ALL ABOUT
jalan-jalan cari makan, I thought doing so was even better as it felt more 'productive'... Thanks to dad who did all his research for us! lol~

And please, I beg you, you
CANNOT miss this one!!!!!

2. Central Nasi Padang
Mati-mati also MUST find okay~ It is located OPPOSITE the PPNK building.

It is the famous Kedah
Nasi Padang that tastes so so gooooood.....! My dear readers, it is seriously damn good till I am clueless of how to explain to you anymore!

With many
devilicious lauk-pauk to choose from.

That was my beloved
Lunch Part ONE I have to part with now. As there's another continuation awaiting us my God...

3. No. 8 Fish Head Curry
No. 8 Fish Head Curry is located behind StarCity Hotel, Jalan Tambang Badak. <--- See my dad sooo semangat he kept reminding me to catat all the EXACT locations for you but sorry lahhh naik lorry; sometimes I'm too lazy. =P

Or perhaps I was wrong. Our lunch Part TWO turned out to be just our dessert.
Seketul fish head for dessert. Hmmm... Doesn't sound so right, but apparently this place sells food so tasty; everything was sold out by the time we reached there --- except for only TWO fish heads left! WTF///

Sunnies agen~! See; even my mum wears sunnies. So must you! XD

Who used to bite T-shirts collars when they were young RAISE THEIR HANDS! C'mmon~ I know you DID.

Unsatisfied, we advanced to
Lunch Part THREE. Dad drove both us ladies to Sg. Petani سوغاي فتني, Kedah to :

4. TRADITIONAL Steamed Rice Shop (NON-HALAL)

This is how it looks like from the outside.


What it's
famous for.

Home made babi sausages and char siew!!!

Traditional style steamed rice,

Stir fry dishes
ala kampung~

The guy behind is the Taukeh Tua.

The following is our
real dessert this time ---> Ice Kacang! But I shall not number this one; because the one at Penang is SO MUCH better.

However, if you ARE at Kedah, I bet you won't think so much. Therefor my friends, this
ice-kacang / tau fu hua stall is just outside the sausage restaurant so you can't possibly miss it unless your bak jiu ko tio sai.

I'm very full now.

While looking at these pictures might make my tummy grumble rumble, remembering how full it felt could (possibly) turn the story around. Haha!

if you are a Kedah-ian or if you happen to know any other nice places to eat which I haven't mentioned, please feel free to share with me - Cause my family and I would love to *Update our compiled list. Thank you! *;D