Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IKEA Break

My dream is to be a HOT wife and a SEXC mother. But for now, I'm a FUNNY fella and a CRAZY sista'.

There goes my IKEA shopping.

Ain, Azfarr, Boon and I went to IKEA for lunch and jalan-jalan
last week.

Azfarr says: Ain thought,
"It'd be nice to have my husband-to-be and Cindy together in this bed." :D

What la Azz~ lol. And this picture? :

He called me a Desperate Housewife. Oiii! XD

The moment i saw this walking closet showroom, i secretly subconsciously told myself: The man who is willing to present me this IS my future husband. hahaha!!!


On the other hand, knowing that's hardly ever gonna come true,
koreked a place from my apartment when i reached home and turned it into a cozy space; inspired by a baby cot (i don't know where the heaven that came from) to be my lovely reading nest.

The best part of an old baby's cot is that it doesn't look like a roofless bird cage!

The essential things you need to achieve the 'baby cot look' would be a bottle of Johnson baby lotion (for the babyish scent as well), a couple of soft cuddly toys, a baby blanket, and some story books.

Color wise, go for light, pastel colors such as off-white, soft brown (like my *new* baby carpet from the IKEA baby's room section),
mini sky blue
pillows (ONLY RM3.50 each), and a larger bright green pillow to make the space more lively.

If you have a music box from your childhood days, find a place for it in your 'cot' too! Stick your favourite pictures in a frame and hang it on the wall above the music box. That will make it seems like your magic box plays not only music, but also brings back the nostalgic pieces!

Valentine's, birthdays, and Chirstmas cards you received for a romantic touch.

VERY IMPORTANT: A good, bright stand lamp. You don't want to spoil your eyes reading under dimmed light.

EXTRA IMPORTANT: iPod packed with Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, Wang Lee Hom, jazz and blues!!!

Hello there my new baby blue pillow~ *hugsss ^^

The rest of the room looks pretty much the same. Dashes of red and white here and there...

Tom changed to live here on my *new* fur carpet.

While cactus chose to live on this lonely wooden bench...

Together with some egg rocks. @@

blow kisses
Babaiii~ Have fun creating your very own baby cot in your room!

Next up is the 'cheapest and easiest way to remove dead skin from your feet'.