Sunday, April 26, 2009

Driving on this road too long

i don't like to eat breakfast when i was young. All i wanted to do is play! Hide and seek, masak-masak, Power Rangers... Who wants to eat breakfast? i HATE breakfast.

When my grandparents were still alive, i used to go back to Kuala Terengganu every year Day One of CNY. Now that they're gone, this ritual ends. i suppose that also ends something in me --- That i always, always, cry when it's time to go home. Seriously.

My relatives would all come to grandma's house to give us kepok (keropok), kapehhu, Kampung Cina buns, many many others lah. While some of my cousins would wake up early just to bid us goodbye. Jesus i HATE goodbyes! Can't stand the waving too.

8 hours is the total time to drive from Labis to KT and so forth. Therefor, we always have to leave very early in the morning. About 7 am?! And again i was always forced to eat breakfast before we started carrying our luggage downstairs. Dahlah nak nangis; kena kunyah pulak!

Why mum forces me to eat breakfast.
i think the reason why is because at KT, you get GOooOD BREAKFAST. There is an EXTREMLY wide variety to choose from, like a buffet; ranging from Ah Kao mee la, nasi dagang la, pulut liper (pulut leper) to all the dainty kuih-muihs my aunts bought from where-they-know-best. So it is a BIGGG WASTE if you don't eat breakfast.

So readers, if you travel to KT one day, please make sure you wake up early to catch this market at Kampung Cina aka China Town :

Or you'll miss a hundred things.

For 17 years i despised breakfast and after 5 years had gone by, now iloveit. In 5 years had i also learned to eat the things i don't eat such as carrots, celery, baked beans, oats, durian...

Back on track --- Seriously guys. If you missed Kampung Cina in the morning, YOUR LOOSE! But generally, this street is not to be missed day or night.

Bye bye my haven of foooooood~ )))':

Mom bought me paun jien for breakfast to eat in the car. It's damnnnn sedap okay... Don't judge it by its looks. You can NOT get anything like this in KL.

Oh and the reason why i had to eat in the car was because.....

You wanna give it a guess???

YES. It was the cheng beng. We arrived early; before sunrise, and the cemetery road was JAMMED! lol~ Jammed till the sun ROSE!

See the difference of contrast in the two pictures? Oh ya! The sun before 10 or 11 am is good for your skin. But it only resumes again after 5 pm. *Remember that, girls!

When we reached there, my grandparents' graves were packed with relatives young and old; everyone was busy.

Including Di Di who was the Most Hardworking Cousin of the day!

Joss sticks.

Even little Julian knows how to pray~

This is how GOLD looks like in HEAVEN.

Gold GOLD!! So much Gold!!!

We burn em' for our grandparents to receive the money.

Pos paling laju.

And that, my friends, ends our cheng beng... This dua ekor are my very funny cute cousins. See the one at the back is camera shy. ha ha!

i went into dad's car and had my favourite kuih. hieh hieh!!

Akok! It's made out of eggs and sugar, a lil bit of flour. That's basically it but no one knows the PERFECT measurements. So if you do know and your Akoks are moist inside, please share recipe 10Q very much!

Made a quick stop to the KT temple to pray --- But i wonder if it really works cause i still banyak sui leh! WTF... Look at my car!

Now on our way to the PASAR. Literally means market - the ones all aunties go to. Which successfully made me one too.

Remember this??? AIR POLI!!! I used to love these but mum didn't allow us to buy. LOL!

Keropok that hasn't been deep fried looks like this. Don't buy from the pasar cause this one they mix with a lot of flour. No FISH! But i don't know where to get the real fish ones... Only my aunts do. =/

Dad was attracted to the cedok made out of LEAVES (upper left in picture) but they were a bit too pricey so we didn't get them. )=

Guess where are we going now!?

*Yay~ Girl Power RE-UNITED once agen~!

It's always good news to visit Shayne. We will be treated like kerabat diraja and served with mouth-watering (home cooked) food! Hospitality is the word. Great hospitality.

See, you don't need to go college and pay to study Hospitality and Tourism. Just remember what you learned in Kemahiran Hidup's Teras ERT and be a good wife + mother once you're married. LEARN HOW TO COOK TOO!

We had a picnic (with tables and chairs) at Shayne's garden.

Self service okay. Who knows what you want.

The rich mellifluous KUAH ikan. All cooked start from scratch - NO short cut or instant paste crap.

My FAVVV - Belacan and chilli. BELACAN and CHILLI!!!!! Belacan and chilli.

My 1st plate of LAKSA KT.

My 2ND plate of LAKSAM KT.

Laksam is different from Laksa. Laksa+M is more like chee cheong fun. i can't choose which one i like better and i'm sooooo hungry now. i would pay 10 bucks for this! But sadly, it is something money can't buy, folks. Sigh~

This is NGOYOK. (i don't know how it is correctly spelled, but that's how it sounds like when you say it!) Ngoyok is rojak betik. It uses a different kuah or gravy from the laksa but both use fish meat.

We had some kuih-muih and jelly as pencuci mulut / dessert. *yum yum~

Me and Shayne. Shayne is such a nice name. i wonder who else named Shayne looks as pretty as her.

Future Miss World playing with Curly.

Curly was named Curly because it's curls are way too curly. @@

This is Benji's normal face. Can you imagine how he looks like when he squints???

Hahaha! He looked like he needs to fart. But anyway, Ben is a smart dog.

Touch his cage and he would automatically as quick as a lightning hide his plate of food under the carpet. *awww~ He's insecure. Like me. i always feel insecure. HAHAHA!

Let him out, feed him some kepok and he manja(es) with you. SEE?!

And i alllways believe no dogs look good when wet.

Unlike children.

This is Xiao Di Di, Di Di's younger / youngest brother. He was drippin' wet cause he was playing too much but i still wanted to cubit him! That's why he sulked.

Xiao Di Di's fake pistol. *BANG BANG!!

Okayyy..... It is now time to go home... This is the FIRST time i left KT without a single tear. i guess i've really grown up now. Tears Management is certainly one lesson in life you don't realized you learned.

On the way down south, we had dinner at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang @ Grand View Restaurant.

Food was okay only.

It's not that amazing. Don't be cheated by the pictures. i'll definitely tell you what is nice.

Till then, PPKTP has only ONE post left --- Perak. But before i start writing that piece, you'll have to tell me 'How Do We Deal with Herbal Chicken Man who CHEATS'.

Good night! *;)