Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vicissitudes Too

This is a very special post because I'm typing this in Penang.
Please DO NOT mind the spacings, spellings,
ERROR day & date -
IE is a painful bitch.

It's now 12 A.M SHARP and I'm at Gurney Hotel's Business Centre. Aloha, Penang readers~! ;DDD

I had a photoshoot for Good Living mag this morning, had lunch at a very quaint town call Sungkai, did fruits shopping along the highway, enjoyed Charcoal Steamboat for dinner, and now... Here I am!

Breakfast tomorrow is the ultimate Penang char kuay teow, Nasi Padang at Kedah, then heading to Padang Besar to find Ruby at Perlis, back to Kedah for the BEST Nasi Kandar for breakfast the next morning. *phewww~*

Can you believe this is how I'm living my life after Chinese New Year?! I still am in a festive mood!


Vicissitudes Too; is the name. Today I'm going to do a continuation of my previous post.

I shall start off with something I've been very proud of. Something which looks like this :

My SMK Tenang school badge I was very very proud of - Just because my name is Tey Cindy not Cindy Tey.

A gift from the first guy I had a crush on during secondary school times! *awww...* I still keep it okay~ It has been a very faithful book mark.

My priceless autograph. I would NEVER trade this emerald!

Crappp... Look at me.

1. Name : Can also be refered to as : Lee Brennan (911 WTF?), Britney Spears (OMG!) and then added an arrow saying => "Just Kidding".

OK that wasn't me, man. THAT WASN'T ME!!!

2. Ambitions : Bank MANAGER (okay...), DOCTOR (okay..), PROGRAMMERRR??? (what the hell was I thinking?!) *pray*

3. Starscope : (am into horoscope since I was very very young) Scorpio Skorpio.

Aduiiiiiiiiii..... Tey Cindy, oohhh Tey Cindy~! Nevermind I still love you.

This is what my brother Eugene wrote when he was EIGHT years old. So cute.

1. There's a Pantun at the upper left of the page.

2. He decorated the page with Ninja Turtles in DOT FORMS using magic colours.

3. He couldn't decide which signature he prefered so he decided to use them as decorations too.

4. He drew a resemble of his face. *awww I love my brother Eugene Tey Chien Shin too~*

He tickles my heart. *^^*

While some people, writes their autograph like this :

Verrryyy artistic indeed! Thanks for the sincerity.

Then you have wise words from teachers you used to love and even cried when they transfered to another school... Yeah; that was me.

An old picture frame of me and my cousin, Yeow whom grew up together with me all along.

This is my very first watch. My faV cartoon used to be Snoppy for no reasons. Then it became Sailormoon and now Korean dramas & Gossip Girl.

A gift Daddy got me from Japan. It's a tiny Japanese floral designed pouch with 2 combs and a mirror inside. I used to think that it whispers the language of blossoming pink flowers of spring when I comb my hair or look into its mirror.... Creepy girl~

My last Barbie doll who is a mermaid - The only one I insisted on NOT giving away to ANYONE. And I'm proud of me that I didn't~ I still love Barbies. *shy!*

Clay Bear I named "Cutie". I had one and so did my brother. We both had the exact same bears because he liked mine, so mom bought his later. However, sadly his bear lost an ear and that's how I could recognized mine everytime. But as you can see, mine lost both ears in the end after all.

I used to be such a calculative meanie; fear of ter-exchanging our clay bears; so I thought his bear ought to loose an ear. (JESUS I feel so bad now but anyway) One night we brought both our bears to a Fish Head Noodle MeeHoon dinner. Eugene forgot to take HIS bear back from the restaurant and I got so so frustrated I made him felt worse he almost cried his soft, warm baby eyeballs out! )))= I feel really bad now...

But even if my brother reads this 672 times, I'm sure he couldn't remember a thing. So ok nevermind liao.

A Cold Storage lighter.

It took me a minute to recall why-in-the-World would I have owned a lighter. Then it strucks me that *TJ smokes.

I thought I'd never date a guy younger than me who worse, SMOKES. But I guess that just proves how love makes one blind. Tooootally blind.

And see this book mark? It somehow missed it's 66 Ringgit flight and remained with me. What a shame~ Now you know how sickly corny I can be. -.-

Speaking about cornyness, I once received a very (I wouldn't say corny) but poured-in effort card from a very special friend, Brennan. At LEAST he attempted to draw me.
Brennan and I during my graduation.

He even bought me flowers when no one else did! Up to today, I'm still very touched when I think about this. The fat fish and fattening chips, cherry picking, etc etc... Simple deeds remind you of how lucky you are sometimes. ^^

Remember this bloody piece of paper? LOL!

I'd been dying to share this picture with you guys for a year (almost) but obviously didn't get to. This is the house we lived in for 2 months; located at Taman Seputeh.

OMG Isn't that Cindy Tey Cindy?!?!?!

*GASPS!* Why is her hair so short!?

Picture 091
Okay, okay... That was a half-way attempted joke. It's exactly 2 A.M sharp now; which made me realized that I use an average of 2 hours to blog about a post this long.

Thanks, yous~!

I'm outta here - I should be in the bath tub rubbing my ass!