Sunday, February 15, 2009


If Valentine's is just another day, then people wouldn't have named 14th February after martyr Saint Valentine; where the tradition of courtly love flourished during the high middle ages.

In the Romanticism era, men write sonnets about clouds or paint daisies for their lady; but I'm afraid today, this case is sadly reversed.

The one who is "acting" all lovey dovey is viewed as the "emotional creature"; the "slave" to commercialized seasons (just because they aren't religion-related); all these rolling in the eyes of men like a jackpot - He wonders when comes the day his girlfriend grows up and out of this.

If you don't get what I mean, if you can't relate to this, or if you think I don't make sense; I'm happy for your wife / future wife.

Which hopefully would then be me.

Perhaps I'm not that easy to please. Here is my further complain: A man who spends $ on his woman NOT for the sake of PLEASING his lady is romantic, but then he usually
buy those words in painted cards from Hallmark.

I'm not complaining since I had received none this year, neither am I asking for a man to sew me a teddy bear, nor fly me to honey moon.

But I find it to be a shame how some boyfriends just don't give a goddamn about it. Not even the most typical, classic, eventho cheesy gift approach - A Rose. It's not about the money, but an activist thought.



Why not carry out the action if you have a thought?

You can say everyday is a Valentine when you are with your partner, but what's wrong with plucking
1 day out of the 365 days a year, just to CELEBRATE LOVE?

Nevermind. Since I'm still in a Valentiney mood, let me share
some dirrtyyy sexc secrets and love notes with you. I swam down memory lake; diving and digging at the treasures kept in my Memory Box. It's a box of loovvveee~~~

Shall we begin?? ;)


This is the 1st Valentine card I'd ever made in my life (only got soft copy). A history that's not erasable. Technically, we never got together but I loved him too much to claim that he wasn't mine.

The card was so heavy the postal cost me 66 bucks to post it to Perth. Being a fresh graduate slash
penganggur then, I thought that was pretty damn expensive for a postal fee!

OK la I wanna be generous this Valentine so I show you half his face. Ha Ha!!

The story of me and *TJ is abit confusing. When he was here for a visit, we weren't a couple, but when he went back to Australia we started a LDR. The cranky phone calls and abandoned MSN windows made nothing easier for a weak foundation us. Worse after his beloved grandfather passed away...

But on a happier note, I enclose this summarized story to finally rest my case.


This is the MOST ROMANTIC GIFT I ever received from a guy.

This treasure was sent to me at Australia in a simple, lovely pink box. I almost cried when I opened it. Inside was a CUSTOMIZED heart shaped CD with 5 tracks, and there wasn't any cards, but a CD booklet totally customized with our pictures and story lines. Enclosed also, a pink Biotherm facial mask. *@@*

He was a great guy; but I had to do the right thing.


ALL the movie stubs and public transport tickets collected with my 1st boyfriend since we met at day one.

*GS is the handy man. He knows everything about plumbing, electrical appliances, gardening, to mechanics. My relationship with GS lasted for 2 years but the actual time we spent together was technically only for about 1/2 a year because AGAIN, it was a LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

GS was studying mechanical engineering at the States, while I was still a
"blindfoldee" in Sunway Uni College. Now it felt like he's a family member to me; like a cousin of some sort. =/


A farewell letter from my 1st housemate, Jesslyn. Jesslyn is an Indonesian Chinese girl with a good sense of humor. I loved her Hokkien slang! Why this letter? Jess wrote these simple words reading "Have A New Day" which I think is very interesting. Have a new day everyday, people! ^^


My air ticket stub to Vietnam.

It wasn't of course an awesome trip like to Europe or Japan, but it's memory sticks in my head like immortalized UHU glue.

Because that was the 1st time my worthy doubts about the existence of the term "Love at First Sight" diminished! It's very complicated wun...


My Melbourne travel tickets and Spirit of Tasmania cruise key card.

I miss Felix and the icy cool breeze twirling in my long hair... ):

Long, long hair..... I miss Melbourne very much too. )))'=


A Letter from my Stalker.

I don't know why but I got stalked by so many weird men when I was studying at TASMANIA. This one was a friend, and then an admirer, and then a stalker. =S The news that I got sick reached his ears one day and
immediately I received continuous supply of bottles and bottles of honey! Errrrr... Who dares to drink liquid in opened bottles left at her doorsteps?

It's very smart of Mr Stalker to put his name as "TODAY" in all his notes tho. However, despite all these creepy experiences, I have to say that he is actually a very nice guy. Harmless, but dangerous. Gee... but thanks. Apparently, I share the same birth day with his ex girlfriend too. *sweat*

At stalker's house before I became a "stalkeree". Yes; hide behind the curtains, babes!!! Hide under your sheets!! (no joke okay you can ask kinwai that was what I had to do at one point!)


My gym card which shows a bit of my kedekution~! Hahaha!!! Only pay for 5 sessions instead of a year's.

Gyming, mak yong dance practices, girl talks, visits to houses and hostels, chilly joyous walks under the setting sun, watching buses passing by... I miss Tasmania. You know what; it should be quite fun to spend your Valentine's day at Tasmania. The island looks like a heart too! The peaceful easy feeling you get in a country town is close to superb.


My disposable eye drops without preservatives.

If you noticed a lot of pictures of me in glasses it's not for fashion sake. I was a HUGE fan of wearing colored contacts for up to 17 hours a day and doing so at a place filled with cold thin air makes eyes dry.

When winter approached, my cornea cracked up to the 5th layer (there are 7 to 8 in total according to my optometrist) and I had to stop wearing ANY types of contacts for "as long as it takes". @@

That's how I got my laser done. So if you have any inquiries, I should be the right person to ask. Trust me; it's NOT fun NOR pleasant at. all.


Newspaper Virgin - 1st time
masuk akhbar tempatan. *jakun*

3 Fat Virgins 001a
1st COMPLETE play ever acted in - 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled. Very interesting one! :D

These are the first 10 items in my Memory Box. Next I shall share with you something less Valentiney, but more on my childhood autograph pages and ornaments.

So, which is your favorite item? Care to rate em' with hearts? ;)