Friday, February 20, 2009

On A Morn Like This

1.oo A.M
I'm back from my cross-country road trip. It's very very tiring and it felt like I'd put on 2 KGs. I shall weigh myself tomorrow after 2.12 hours of praying and we shall see. *sobs

1.03 A.M
Chatting with Eri - where I can be head over toes emo; whining about anything under the moon. Cause I know I'll miss mum and dad... after spending daysss of quality time together with them. It happens everytime. When I leave my hometown, or if my parents leave KL. I feel like I'm abandoned and my heart feels lonely.

1.08 A.M
I would follow my family back to Johor until Sunday, but there's a Nuffnang bloggers gathering dinner at KLCC this Saturday, so I rest my case.

But I still miss those times when Mom would deliver home brewed
thong sui to my lovely room where I lepak in front of my laptop and laze like a worm in my cozy bed...

Where are those days here???

1.11 A.M
Since I'm feeling homesick already (even tho my parents are still here sleepinggg just next door to me), I've decided to post my very last CNY entry; 90% about food.


This is my mum's
damn sedap Nasi Lemak Ayam. The sambal looks obviously like any other sambals your eyes had ever seen but I would mark this extraordinarily smashing!

We had pumpkin
kueh with ang dao sa (red bean paste) inside; which tastes extremely unique and suang kou kao kao!!

1.19 A.M
My stomach is growling. Literally growling. But I just had dinner not too long ago~ Sigh... This is what happens when your stomach expanded and you are browsing through pictures of food past midnight.

It's like magic. As magical as how this soup would tastes like in your mouth! :

We had shark fin's soup on the 2nd last day of CNY! I had FOUR bowls of this - 2 for dinner, and 2 for supper. So did Eugene! We seasoned it with some XO and black vinegar to give our taste buds a roller coaster ride~! More excitement is always more fun. ^^

Check out the number of
realll big ass pieces of shark fins and 100 percent genuine crab meat inside this delicious soup! This delicacy is made from scratch in the kitchen - except that Mom didn't go diving to catch sharks and dig for crabs. LOL!

1.27 - 1.31 A.M
I'm still feeling lonely; tho I'm chatting with the two Most Faved people in my WWW (whole-wide-world).

Here's lunch on the last day of CNY.

gilerrr man~!!

*TADAA!!!!!* - Baked Chicken with 2 Salad Side Lines. This is the first time I met a chicken that could take my breath away. -.-

Pure Pumpkin Puree Soup - drizzled with fresh cream...

1.38 A.M
Hungers but nevermind. Dinner for CNY's LASSTTT Day was remarkably "intimidating"...

Udang ngan Nenas masak Gulai Asam atas Nasi Daun Pisang. *droolz! How can
anyone not droolz?!?!?!

Got additional sambal lagiii. HAH! Kao kao kasik.

Mom even knows how to make nian kao. The one on the left is Marble
Nian Kao, while the one on your right is the Ori one.

1.42 A.M
I haven't officially introduce to you Labis town.

La Mei Shi (Labis) Da Zhong Lou (Big Clock Tower). Fehmes for teenagers having sex and getting pregnant while the clock is striking.

Dataran Labis. Siap macam boleh main Chess lagi...

This is Me and Ah Syh, my neighbour slash ex-classmate.

Ah Kai and Ah He came to pick us up in an old humping blue van and we did some
pai nin activity. Nothing interesting tho; except for one item that I think is fairly worth sharing :

This old fashioned
papan pembersih baju. It was at Ah Khun's house. Ah Khun's dad was a carpenter and he did most of the furniture in my house at Johor. Have you, ever seen anything like this in your life?! Don't know where to find lehhh~~~ ;p

2.05 A.M
OK I'm back. That day I had
the last BIGGEST gathering with my hometown lovelings.


And we did it in a lousy quaint cafe'. Very random too.

Senarai Sultan-Sultan dan Polis Negara. -_____-"""

The menus are atrocious and very tragic :

Kuih Tepung TARIK. (Direct translation of "la mien")

Longan KEPALA Laut and ManGGo double G. *jesus

Chrysanthemum was spelled using intuition and Nescafe became NETcafe (I swear I SWEAR that's how they pronounce it in Labis, while sambal sounded like "Sam Batt").

2.12 A.M
And wouldn't it be a funnier joke if I say mum did not bake any cookies for Chinese New Year. Here they are!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

Lovely, kan???

I tapaoed a few of each kind and sealed them in a bottle.

2.38 A.M
But they are gone now. I even finished the crumbs. Two thumbs up for me! And a bigg "Weee!!!" for my Mummy.

Did that just rhyme naturally?

2.41 A.M
Good night, fellas~ *;)