Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unlabeled Pink.

A fucker banged my car an hour ago and he "ran" away.
It was a very old shitty green car and a lala guy was driving it.
I was too shocked I didn't take down his number.
I hope he dies today.


May you rot in hell too.

This is for your Grave.


I've a friend who told me that she doesn't like friendship to be "Labeled".

"What's the point of labeling?" she asked. "It's like she is my best friend and you are not?"

I understand where she's coming from. Situations change and when that happens, the fact that our lives change us as a growing person is inescapable.

I used to think that I have so MANY BFFs. But in the end of the day, I realized the
real meaning of the word "BEST" means there can only be ONE. So how can one label another person as "Best Friend" or worse, "Best Friends Forever". As far as I know, Paris's BFF is not Nicole Richie anymore~! lol


As time passed and a year gone by, I realized that my best friend *Ai who studied with me in Australia wasn't with me all along. We do Facebook each other (once in a blue moon), and all we ever said was "I've so many things to tell you when I see you!"

"When I See You". I see her now, but we don't talk like we used to anymore. In fact, when we DO talk, it feels like we had to bring up our sweet memories from the good ol' days every now & then to pull our hearts closer.

But the 1 year gap is there. It exists, and it is still there.


I finally understood the truth of "friends are not FOR ever". If you have a BFF, I would say don't label it as such! Cause when you do, you set expectations which usually let you down.

Women get married, build a family, (
worse when children come into the picture); Who has the time to juggle for friends? However, despite all these that I've learned to see, I noticed someone who stood by me for so long, but I took her for granted.

This girl always asked me thru MSN if I'm doing okay, even when I don't reply her not even once in 10 times. I always call her my "Best Friend" but I never gave her the best treatment I could give to a friend.

All I did was to "Label" her, & that's it. On the other side of the story, I had treated *Ai the way this gurl treats me, and I felt like I was taken for granted instead.

Knowing how it feels to be invincible, I thought to myself, "Why not reverse the story and make two loves treasured and one friendship blossom"?


Dear Eri,

I know you despise labeling, but (at least for now!) you are UNDENIABLY my best friend! I am not labeling you as one, but because we never really label this relationship, that's how you are.


To be able to share my stories, problems AND happiness with someone who
actually listens, understands, and empathize; there's only you.

This is how I'd never put you in my eyes, but only in ONE eye. Only now comes your birthday post; although it has been 4 months away, and I've never felt so bad towards a girl friend before.

This was Eri's 21st Birthday.

As she opened the mystery black box...

Slow & steady, baby~

It was a KEY cake! I'm 22 now and I'd neva' had a key cake in my life. )))'=

Eugene carefully lighting up some candles...

And we began our endless photography session, bla bla bla~

Happy BELATED Birthday again, Eri... ^^

Eri and her TWO best girl friends..

JESUS; look at the number of professional photographers who came! This party was like a press conference!!!

The time we've been all waiting for has arrived :

Eri what was your wish tell la!?

Now Officially 21.

An angel she is~

Here's your picture with Winson with the peace sign. Hahaha!

Now my turn to show some sparkling white teeth~ lol

Then we proceeded to Eri's room for a few more pictures behind her rich velvety violety wall...


How can I not notice such a babe?!

Thank you for sharing, trusting, and spending time with me. All those idle moments together as we eat and cakap tin kosong are simply the best!

Best... *(,") (",)*