Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bounteous birthdays, the glorious Christmas, count down 2009, Chinese New Year celebrations, parties and innumerable parties one after another...


Pot lucks, BBQ, stay overs, to hitting the hottest clubs in town... My heart wants more but my skin screams ENOUGH.

"I've had ENOUGH, Miss TEY CINDY! I need to BREATHE!!!"

Scold me lah! I scrub you kao kao.

See my cute lil' pimple on my forehead? It's the ONLY. ONE. THING. in the world I
HATE tho its PINK.

Break outs! Oily T-Zone! Enlarging pores!

Contradicting with-

Dead cells. Dull complexion. Fine lines.


Even after my pimple is GONE, my T-Zone is still oily and the pores are obviously NOT getting any smaller...

While my nose, stuffed with Super Stubborn black & white heads. )))=

Bottom Line is, make-up KILLS. It does. It suffocates your tiny pores, clogging them digging the holes deeper, interacts with sweat and bacteria causing breakouts; which leads to scarring, then you cover them with concealer; clogging them even more... Stop.

Just stop there please. Do you remember the day when you were born? When you were just a baby? How fine, smooth, and PURE your skin was???


Does that mean we ladies can't make ourselves up anymore when we go out? Or should I minimize my happenings and just stay at home more; just so that my skin can

Cuz I still want to hang out with my girl friends!

I read Xia Xue's blog about Garnier and a few of my friends have recommended me to use it, but I've never tried Garnier.

Apparently, they have this "anti-imperfection" scrub wash that helps regulates our sebum and tightens pores. It also fights skin regreasing, clear imperfections, and prevents them from REAPPEARING!

What do you think? Should I try them???
Hmm..... Since you all said Jeremy looks like Mr Rain, I decided to use him as my trial before I try it on MYSELF.



Hahaha! Well... a PINK bow can't be any worse than a PINK PIMPLE at the middle of your forehead anyway!

Guys can use Garnier's "anti-imperfection" scrub wash and mask too.

Now his skin is so PORCELAINEY, fairer, BRIGHTER, and SMOOTHYLICIOUS! According to Jam, his pores became noticeably refined and that wonderful feeling dancing on his skin lasted for more than a WEEK!!! :O

Next I'm gonna try it on
MY self. See my skin? If you look closely at this picture, you can see flaky dead skin on my nose.

You know girls... Make-up can't stick on your skin if its not hydrated. Try Garnier. Just like Jeremy with a
PINK bow on. ;D