Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I met Airene 2 years ago at Tasmania's dodgy airport. Haha!! It was a very "romantic" meet-ery and I've been missing all those times we had together ever since the day I came back here, as she was still pursuing her Masters in Architecture then.

Our very first picture taken together in the archi students' building.

Today, Airene is back in Malaysia. But only for the holidays. SOBS! I wish I could do something about it to make her stay, but I know I can only do nothing. ))): So I've decided to give her something instead - Something she will always keep with her forever...

Just like us friends forever.

I personally want to do a dedication to this lovely girl since I heard and read so much about DIGI 's music telegram campaign! :


Fill up the necessary info of the recipient, and a small write up of the background story, and the DIGI crew will perform the song LIVE for selected dedications ON GROUD; meaning his/her workplace, cafe, etc!


For those that are chosen to be shot on video will be uploaded on DIGI 's microsite and also can be found on YOUTUBE for the world's consumption! Here's the link to the videos if you want to have an idea of what's its gonna be like.

So my, dedication is going out to my best friend in the WWW (Whole Wide World) :

Airene Tan.

I would love to dedicate the song "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and since DIGI music telegram campaign is (only) running until 5th Feb, I really hope my dedication will be chosen and presented to her LIVE IN TIME before she flies away to Brisbane... ))):

This program by DIGI is so much more modern and chic compared to giving farewell gifts and goodbye dinners. Things anyone can buy, but an unforgettable experience only happens once a lifetime, and they. remain. forever.

Choose my dedication Choose My Dedication CHOOSE MY DEDICATION!!!!!