Monday, January 19, 2009


This post is dedicated to KY even though it is KY-Free.

If it wasn't because of KY's invitation, I wouldn't have had the chance to share so much fun at
NOKIA 5800 XPM launch and after-party; which fell on the lovely date 09.01.09. However, I have to shamefully say that I came home fiddling with my camera just to realize that I didn't even take a picture WITH him! Sigh...

Here is a picture post you will enjoy if you read these peoples' blog.

First and foremost, is
Mr. Horny.

This is our
1st attempt and it turned out to look so 70's. The contrast of this picture, that is. Two Scorpios malu-malu tapi mauu wtf!

2nd attempt turned out very much proper and nicer.

Then, we pulled in
Christopher Tick Tock Tick Tock.

And his toy
siii. Da pian. Sai. Shit. Tahi. Ok enough.

Chris(T)ock is my version of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and DIG THIS! Our birth dates are as follows:

19th Nov - 20th Nov - 21st Nov.

Ain't that AWESOME?! We made a promise to celebrate our birthday this year together. ;)

3rd. The man who planted the simpulan bahasa "tumpang glamour" in my mind each time I see him,
Huai Bin.

Love his tongue piercing!

Next up, Suanie. The very sweet but edgy Suanie. Look!!

Horny and I burst out with explosive laughter when we 1st looked at this picture.

"What's with the FOREHEAD?!" he asked. Licking the forehead? Ohhh dear~

When it's supposed to be sexc like this! :

Lick the
siii. The smelly siii...

The sexy.....,

siiiiii~ Hahaha!

Now that Chris(T)ock's dung has been popularized enough, let's move on to :

Simon Seow; the MOST Active Blogger everrr!

Miss Kelly Goh. So so thinnn... My god! What's the secret, babe? Might need some tips after Chinese New Year!!!

Ma' ROXY man, Nigel.

Cute Joshua,

Rapunzel Yatz from Nuffnang,

Robb Yatz Me JZ & Joshua, in a row.

Thank you, KY. After all... (:

p/s: I would very much love to put every one's name as LINKS instead but I don't have easy access to your links so... dot dot dot.