Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sultan Consultant.

Let's venture into something different today. Instead of food and parties, I'm going to blog about fashion. OK maybe not. Maybe "style". HAIR style.

If you want a make-over; from your HAIR, to clothes, your make-up, to your TOES, whatever gender you are, find ME. I would totallyyy love to help for FREE. Don't believe me? Well, I did 2 test runs on a boy and a girl. And they BOTH lurrrve their *NEW* do!!!

Let's start with the boy. This is Jeremy.

Jeremy's hair is very very THE LONG; like a long hair yak. You know what a YAK is? OK come I show you.



Commercial break ends. Now I believe you can see how
long his hair was; it's exactly as long as mine! Just snipped differently from the start.


CUT CUT CUT!!! Like what Elaine Daly would say. Ops!

I'm encouraging people to chop off their hair when I'm trying hard to grow mine long
quite desperately. LOL! Elaine Daly #2 WTF?

Oohhh yes! Almost there, hang in there~ hang in there~

TA DAA!!!!! Got many many layers now and a boost of VOLUME from the roots. Healthy, healthy roots! :D

From the BACK VIEW. Nice or not?

Jeremy seems pretty happy with his *NEW* hair do~ He He!

Fashion Consultant & Blogger Contestant. SUCCESSFUL!!!

ONLY 68 BUCKS! Wash - Cut - Blow. Not bad right?

And you know what the BEST thing is? - Jeremy's hair was inspired by Wang Lee Hom's current style. HAHAHA!!! That's what happen when you hired let's say..... Me? =p


Next up is our female blogger contestant. Another bestie of mine; Eri.

Her hair was very long; which is not a bad thing, but it had always and forever been nothing but BLACK, plus her fringe made her looked like she just finished SPM everyday! So what we did to "SAVE" her was :

*GASPS!* To chop of some dry, brittle hair that makes her whole crown limp and flat, give her a thick eye-brow length fringe for volume, and a classy COLOR.

CUT! CUT!! CUT!!! Don't let Cindy ERI get away with her hair long, Shawn hair dresser!!!!! -_____-" Must I QUOTE somebody here? This sounds so familiar.

You see, sometimes I have to TIE my hair up because it has now reaches a stage where it curves above my shoulder. I HATE that, man! Beh tahan.

Berita terkini ends. Now we proceed to the DYE stage.

The color we were going for? - ASH VIOLET. Doesn't that make you wonder? Aha!

Busy busy kan ceong kan ceong..

Don't worry it's not going to turn out to be a
lala color, but a very naisss ashy greyish brown, violet under the sun color. ;)

Eri, feeling very sure she'll ALSO be happy with her RESULT; drinking her 2nd glass of orange juice.


Anyone wants a make-over? If I do see sambutan hangat from my comment box for this post, every month I shall choose
one fellow blogger, and we JUST DO IT. Okieee?

Hair, fashion, make-up, colors, packaging... YOU CHOOSE. Then I'll blog about it, linkcha for a month, and so on... DONE. DEAL. FOC!

p/s: Jade Zheng can only offer you OPINIONS; the rest, is up to you. ;)

Good night!!! I'm gonna dream of being a fashion stylish somewhere~ *woohoo*