Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Piece of Sexy Christmas from Everyone we Love.

I hope I'm not the last KY Christmas Party member to blog about this momentous event. Or it would be a bad conscience. Hahaha! My entries are usually rated Expiry Date: "Best Before:" I guess that's how you know if you make the most out of your life.

Back to KY's gift-exchange Christmas Party: -

This is KY's infamous chef who lives in his garden. How could I possibly not take a picture with this chef!

KY's alien ball that also habituates in the garden. Must take picture also.

First picture taken with somebody was not Huai Bin, but I shall put our picture as the FIRST berduet picture here because he made me so famous in http://sixthseal.com and said I can increase saham by 45% what the hell. =P

Here's a picture I kinda like even though two of these men's head were chopped off by almost 1/2 and 3/4 of a pie chart. So to make up for that.....

This 1/4 head GONE is Mr. Simon Seow.

And 3/4 head GONE is Mr. Horny ohh sooooo horrrny. With a chicken and a bottle of beer. A bit sesat. Hahaha!!!

Eeling and Rachael very shy. Why?!?!?!

Jade Z | Airene Tan from OZ (my irreplaceable BFF in the whole wide world!) | Bec's friend all the way from HK | Bec | Daniel Luu (Bec's friend again) | & Jensen who's Airene's friend from S'pore.

Looks like we actually had friends from all over the world, don't we!? :DDD

Then we proceeded IN to KY's house for the gift exchange session; which was very..... Very... Holy.

Forget White Christmas, man! What's CHRISTMAS without the color RED????? Look at all the gifts here; who wrapped their present with WHITE paper. You ingat you mau bakar untuk orang mati ke WTF?! lol

Zoey got a Glow-in-the-Dark traffic vest. Very good if you cycle around town at night. Very sexc, not bad...

Christ Tock got a..... What's that! o.O?

The party got "worse" and became more and more..... Sexual. So starting from this point, mayyybe I shall rate this 18SX. See:

Man putting on LIPSTICK,

Man wearing women's UNDERWEAR!

Boy wearing girls' PANTIES everywhere while molesting own sausage. OK...

Wearing condom on the hand... WRONG!

Wearing condom on the dick, but in public... WRONG also!!!

Man wearing women's LACEY STOCKINGS and scratching own asshole. =/

Acting gayyyy??? Cannot make it.

S.O.S. Save Our Souls, man. The girls' are not any better, I guess.

Jade Zheng biting off a chocolate from Becca.

Jade Z got tipsy and wanted to mumu Yee Hou.

Suddenly Yee Hou got so happy while JZ got a KISS from Zoey (a girl) ---> Can see the lipstick stain ka?

Christopher Tock; who reminds me of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S; who is a sex addict in the show?!

Drunken Master, Sex Addict, Gay wannabe (OK WHY NO ONE INVITED ROBB LOL!)


Merrrrry Kisssss Massss, everyone! =D