Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tanam Telur

I had lunch alone again today. BORINGGG~!~!~! haha.

Well I guess everyone's a
lil' bit lonely, at times. It's not a very big deal. But if you are ALWAYS feeling lonely; mainly because you want a partner in your life, here's one way to go.

The Love Classifieds event.

I guess I don't have to re-explain what's this about since I've been blogging about LC for the past 6 months, so here are pictures instead. ;)

OK~ This is me cheesing with a LIVE jazz band performing behind; which is
so much better than hip hop or R&B. Or at least not for Love Classifieds!!! lol~

I just thought winter IS romantic, and that explains why leggings were worn! Excuses man, excuses!!! :p

Here's a picture of me with DJ Nisha from Love Classifieds.

Isn't she pretty? Pssttt. Her voice is verrryyy sexc. If you wanna hear to Nisha's sexxxccc voice, you can tune in to 104.9 from 10 - 1PM every weekdays. (which is actually the ONLY time I listen to the radio)

Weekend DJ Shereena!

The dress she wore is very very gorgeous; a bit sayang lah, I don't have a full body shot. Hmm...

The DJ with the most genuine laughter in the World! hahaha!!! This is DJ Dilly.

With program manager Tim.

Tim and I always take "funny face" pictures. You can go ask him la, why. Cuz I've been dying to know but he never answered me. ):

The only DJ I listen to when they pot pet pot pet, DJ Jeremy Teo.

Jeremy and his BFF Yuan. Thank God this picture didn't turn out gay. =P

Mark, (or I think he looks more of a Martin) our intern all the way from Brunei.


More contestants.....

DJ Terry | Jade Z | DJ Jeremy | Yuan

And this post isn't complete if there're no pictures of FOODDD, is it?!!!

Can never desert desserts!


Love is in the air. Love is everywhere!

May we all find our True Love
between these 12 days of Christmas.

And if we don't...

May that be our 2009 resolution!!!

God bless~!

Signing off with love,
Jade z.