Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pigs' HelloWing Poolside Party !!!

So I guess almost everyone went to THE halloween party on 31st October this year. Or T.G.I.?

Since I'm not that "happening" or out-going as much as my looks might betray me, I actually spent my Halloween relatively "homely". No scary masks, fancy costumes, nor messy make-up! Zero same old-same old repeated pictures amongst blogs too; just plain black and a nude lipstick. (=

On NUDE by Shu Eumura.


It was still a Friday. A weekday. So I dragged myself to work and let time crawled every inch of my brain. In a blink of a thousand eyes, the lazy needles finally pointed SIX PM. I cabuted.

This time around I'm finding it a bit un-amusing to blog about food (we had sushi), restaurants, and people. Those are the themes I use when I've nothing exclusive to write about. So I shall skip that to the POOLSIDE PARTY @ my apartment instead. I ensure you it's total nuts!


Firstly, we played cards. This game is called "Pig". Pig is a very kan cheong game which; I'm lazy to explain the rules. But whoever becomes a PIG, would be punished to do a DARE. And these dares is what this POST is about.

You'd better pop some corns baybehs; cuz this is very Videoriented. Kekeke!!!

It started off with taking some very light & easy pictures.....

The 2 lovey-dovey couples whereas I, was a disturbed leaf (kacau daun). lol

Melissa | Me | Audrey

JZ 's | Aud 's | Rock 's with hair but its O.K.

I asked for a gay show and we got it!!! muahahaha...

Then the PIG Game started:

Rocky and Audrey getting serious and focusing hard on their cards.

But guess who was the FIRST pig!?!?!?


Rocky's dare was to travel across the pool to pick a lily for Aud! (Level 1 easy lah)

The SECOND pig was:

Melissa Bee Khin!!! (do cat walk & POSE!)

BF Boey capturing memorable moments in 20 years to come. Noticed the flower on her head? This lily was supposed to be the STAR of our "movie". EVERY dare HAD TO have it starring.

Here's a video of Melissa's:

THIRD pig was Me. I think you can choose to NOT watch any other videos here but THIS. I was like a total drunken nut! (but I wasn't drunk ok)

the lovely lily which was once like this:


The FOURTH pig was ME again... )))= I had to pick up the micro pieces of dried lily while doing this "SEXC DANCE"!?

Ok la, enough of me. I can't possibly be so sui to be pig so many times. Here's a normal, decent picture of me and my BFF.

Sweet & Shy Audrey and a Sassy and Sexc Me. Now you know why we click. NO two exact same people can survive together forever.

FIFTH pig was Rocky AGAIN. This time, he had to BURY the lily I picked and CRY. Crying is the only ONE thing he couldn't do. So towards the end of the video, I made it easier for him by... acting like the movie we watched before -The Coffin.

Pig KE-ENAM was him again. THIS time, we took some socks and throw them into the 7E plastic bag. Rocky had to do a CPR for his buried LILY!!! By sucking in the air from this wondrous magical scented bag...


"Yam. Gong".

Yam gong hai yam gong gehhh... dan haiii leh.....

TA DAA!!! See the LILY?! It regained it's LIFE?! O.o?

*YAY!* Ok no need to mafan reopen a new window to zOooOm in this picture, wohkay? I tell you -my underwear was a boxer and it was black too. #^x^#

Next up is a video that MIGHT remind you of a childhood game:

WHAT'S IT CALLED AGAIN??? Get it right and you'll get to challenge me hopping on these tiles by the poolside!! hahaha~

Sweet Melissa wrote her bf's name (Boey) artistically with her foot.


Back to my apartment, it was 3 AM I think. The needles were accidentally on caffeine or cocaine this time. But that didn't stop us from playing UNO STACKO (without the dice), and KARAOK-ING Westlife's jiwang hits!!!

Boey playing my blue guitar @ the background to create more kan cheongness~

Audrey snacking on supper so happily... see my BFF so cute?!?!


"hou yam gonggg arrr..." LOL!

When it was my turn... I SWEAR 9 out of TEN would dare bet 10 BUCKS that my tower would collapse! But.

It stood still like me even with crossed legs.

No matter what I do or where I go, I'm strong like that. Just like MDG days. The secret is...


Have a good night, lovelings! I'm still munching on jeruk betik this LATE... *jeez!*