Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Quantum of Solace.

Here comes my last Perhentian post.


My IKEA clock shows 1.32PM now. I'm lonely. A piece of me is sitting on this cold, hard floor with my feet on the carpet. Sitting at the hall in front of the blank TV screen, I'd rather look out my corridor. It is not impossible for yesterdays' sad memories to be played on this black box; on this channel only I can see.

It is hard to not avoid either. Every part of my house is decorated with frames and pictures of us. They easily travel me back to that place we first met... that war-torn country town; so different from this concrete pile of mess I've no choice but to live in. I only want to go back there to yesterday. The past could only hurt me that much.


I guess this is the good thing about blogging. We can travel from one world to another for FREE! (:

Back to the island; NO flying fees OR even tax needed, here we are...

If only transporting the body would be that easy... but I guess the level of appreciation among people would degrade then.....

Some shots with Tim tai kor:

Ha ha ha ha.... I have no idea what was happening. =P

Flags and Posts:

Here's a simple sentence I know you think you understand but you'll never. I actually forgot how to smile when I was there for 5 days. I've FORGOTTEN HOW TO SMILE! And I'm truly surprised how I got this shot! Perhaps it's the magic hat I got from this island. ^^

At the dive center, "Sea Horse Diver":

Those were the days.....

And if I were to work & live there forev? I'll work as a... Fish Book Guider!!! lol


Sailing the way back alone:

I left Perhentian alone by myself. As heavy as my heart felt and all those bullshit words I could've used to show how much I missed the island, why don't I say... I actually bumped into 2 really nice people in the boat I was in?! hahaha!!!

Herbert Yap and his friend. ^^

Herbert fetched me to the airport, together with a German diver and her roommate. They were heading to Thailand by the night bus; which the tickets they haven't bought, and I was heading to YOU-KNOW-WHERE (WHERE ELSE COULD IT BE) with my printed receipt in my hands; but still worrying I would MISS THE FLIGHT.

For a good couple of minutes, I wondered: Why Asians have less courage to leave what their parents think is BEST for them, instead of exploring the World?

Our parents give us life and that life is Ours. So why do we live doing something we don't want to? The world is so big and there's so much to explore; why are we standing here static doing the same old damn bloody thing every day, every year? How old are you now?? How much have you seen???

Sometimes, it's really not about the Money. I'm sure this German diver I know just identified what she wants to do, and just does it good. Now she's traveling all over the Planet; & what about ME. I don't have that courage, but aren't we BOTH humans too? )))))))))):

It's 2.11 PM now on a Sunday afternoon and the rain is slowly subsiding... While I'm missing the flight perhaps I should have missed forever.