Friday, October 17, 2008

To Africa, With Love.

If you are reading this, this is for you.

Hopefully, i'm not missing anyone out. But to my dearest Eri, dear wise Sheon, loyal Johnny Tai, supportive Suz, Ah Xiao, Ah Lost don't so lost i like, kind and friendly Joshua Yong and gang, funny 'yeah', extra funny 'youwantapieceofme' i miss your wacky comments, Adeline and Zi Sheng who shares with me their lovely life, extra-lovable Electronic Fly, him, her, ... Oh my god, the list can go on forever. It looks like i WILL have to miss some peeps out. )))=

But to EVERYONE of you who clicked your mouse all the way here to almost daily, i'm here to say thank you. Because without you guys, this blog can't survive being so picturesque, so happening, and my dearest all, i do remember each of you individually. Or at least, i'm trying very hard here!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to say: "Hey, let's ALL meet up and have a gathering! We makan, split into 2 groups- 1 buy tickets, 1 popcorns, lepak around the mall to kill time for a bit, then let's watch a movie bergether-gether!"

As right as it sounds, it's however, not as right as it feels. We need a reason, a theme, or a celebration maybe I feel lah; to pull off such a big thing.

I'm not here to be a suck-up today, thanking the World, but I really have to thank NuffNang (and Robb) for giving me a reason for a chance to : -

Give away


Madagascar 2

movie tickets
& watch the movie with

I'm so shyyy~! #^^#

I also have T-shirts to give away to the BEST blogger! See see!! :DD

So-cute T-Shirts!

You satu, I satu, on 4th November, we wear together. Deal??? :D

All you have to do is to blog about what ANIMAL would you love your boyfriend OR girlfriend to be, in BED. Wahahaha!!! After doing that, leave a comment on my blog, with your link of course, so I can judge and please state your CORRECT email address so that I can contact you easily, ya? Easy-peasy~ ((:

& waittt waittt waittt! I know you are very excited and can't wait to win these cool stuff, but hey! You'll have to put this happening banner, and with my link (which will look like this: into your lovvvely, sexxxc, seducctivve, post. Okie oKie???


And since I have paws instead of palms, I can't use Photoshop (what kind of excuse is that?!) but the animals from Madagascar asked me to do THIS because they can't wait to see you... Look what I came out with this morning! : -


A selected few of my fav readers and question marks that could be YOU!!

By the way, can you spot yourselves? I tried my best with Paint. Please say it's cute. )))=

And if you asked me what ANIMAL would I want my boyfriend to be in BED, I would say..........

A parrot?! =/

I don't know. It's the first bird that flew to my mind. I'm sure you can come out with a better one. Hahaha... Till then, good luck! Remember, THIRTY tickets to give away; which means ONLY 15 bloggers ya... Get 2 each.

I shall go train myself to be a leopard because I only have this print / costume / shirt / whatever. LOL!

3 Fat Virgins 164

p/s: if we never met before, if you never leave a comment here before, if you hate this writer before; you are still of course, very much welcome to join. because i would lurrrve to death to see you in person, & we go to Africa, &.....

With lots of love,