Monday, October 20, 2008

Kissing U Good Noon

Thursday, 23RD October, 2008 - 12.33 p.m.

I saw a BIG ASS moth this morning after double locking my door!

Mind you it's opposite my block okay~! Any idea how super-duper Titanic that was?! *faints*

The Chinese believes that this means a "special guest" is coming to visit. While some say... beautiful, rare creatures (or bright stars) is like your grandma or something. =/ I watched Thailand ghost movie "Soul's Code" last night (which was pretty bad) and if I were to relate that to this moth slash visitor superstition... it's not funny!

Big ass MOTH. Thank God it's not in front MY door! Or I'll never get to lock it.

On such a gloomy day like today, I pulled a bright smile every time the traffic light turns red. Many uncles on motorbikes peeped into my car. If one ever bumped into a tiang... it would be like an ad.Ha Ha Ha!!! OK; I zip my mouth.

Now, my FINAL
3 winners! Finally the list is COMPLETE and it looks damn beauty man! hahaha...


1. Marcus

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Dolphin. *very informative post. i LIKE!*
Level of SexCness: 9.5/10

2. Ester
Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Dog *personal and sweet post ya~*
Level of SexCness: 7/10

3. Eugene

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Kangaroo
Level of SexCness: 9.8/10 *this post made me LAUGHED! if u can read mandarin go TRY it!!!*

Thanks beloved readers! I really can't wait to see each & every one of you! Bring your camerasssss & get ready to FLASHHH!


I'm today, so be my Today.

Actually, don't SNAP and DRIVE! lolz~

Wednesday, 22ND October, 2008 - 12.48 p.m.

3 more places left ONLY for Madagascar 2's SCREENING by Nuffnang!!!

I selected another 4 bloggers today, & I'm so happy with my pick. ^^

4. Tammy

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: another TIGER!
Level of SexCness: 6/10 *& a very good entry! ;)*

5. Hurley

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Tigress *got real picture summore! & wants to wear the T-Shirt with ME! :DDD*
Level of SexCness: 9/10


Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Hamster *u made me imagine... lolz*
Level of SexCness: 4.8/10

7. Kenny Lai

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Cow! *thanks for being so funny with the milk part!*
Level of SexCness: 7/10

Doors are closing soon, but all we have is time. Hahaha! Doesn't that sound strangely nice~ (:

Tuesday, 21st October, 2008 - 12.15 p.m.

Exactly ONE month to my actual birth day. Going to the gym and working out doesn't seem to hurt anymore. Bumped into Sazzy Falak who looked absolutely stunning in her short hair!; I couldn't recognize her.

I'm feelin' the need to travel again. What about you?


My_feet_are_planted_into_the_same_piece_of_old_ground_for_too_long. Too long!

Crack it. Buy brooms. Wear pants. We fly. WE fly. Come, hop on! Wanna join me?


Monday, 20th October, 2008 - 10.58 a.m.

I kept trying to be late; doing every single thing in my own sweet pace, but time seems to wait today. It's very strange.

Came in office early, and here's my 1st Round List of winners i carefully picked to watch MADAGASCAR 2 with me!!! Yo Yo Check it Out! :

8. Chris Yuen

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: A nice, soft, slightly aggressive tiger.
Level of SexCness: 8.5/10 (extra 0.5 marks for being so ELABORATE)

9. Brenda

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: LION! *rawrrr*
Level of SexCness: 7/10

10. Jerry Teong

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Penguin *wtf Jerry!!*
Level of SexCness: 5/10

11. Axiao

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: GORILLA?! *FUYOH*
Level of SexCness: 9.5/10 (ha ha ha)

12. Johnny Tai

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: A small kitten... *WOIH! So gay wan!*
Level of SexCness: 4/10

13. VOon

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Penguin! *awwwww*
Level of SexCness: 5/10

14. Suz

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: Deer and Dear - *rhyming partners in bed*
Level of SexCness: 6.5/10

15. Evo

Choice of Animal in B.E.D: A Cute Rabbit!
Level of SexCness: 3/10 (Sorry! It's just nottt sexc enuf!!)

Anyway, whatever choice of animal it was, you won tickets! Now, what you've gotta do is just email me your email add to (becuz nuffnang needs the list too). Alright?


EIGHT more spaces left, ONE of you might be the WINNER of my extreeemly CUTE giraffe T-Shirt, to be worn with ME on the 4th of November 08'.
Gambateh yo~! *#^o^#*

(my self-customized emoticons for blogs are so elaborate & accessorized they look sooo lame. lolz!)


Monday, 20th October, 2008 - 12.10 a.m.

1 month and 1 day to my 22nd birth day. i'm now compiling the list of winners to watch Madagascar 2's Escape 2 Africa with me! very excited i feel. (:

the list is almost full; (Eri i'm still waiting for your post quicckkk!), and to whoever who wants to try their luck, please do. not too late still. i'm being sincere here!

blogging about... a few things on draft. what would you like to read about? love classifieds event, borneo rainforest food tasting, my last perhentian post, makan lovelings labels; i tell u -there are sooo manyyy..... =/

anyway, here's me, now in my crib! just feeling a lil... bored on a Sunday Monday midnight.


no falsies. hehe! ^^

more updates tomorrow, i'll sign off now. good night dear friends... *xxxx*