Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Inamorata Is.

I'm finally back to the city. Reached LCCT at 9.20 P.M yesterday, but Winson waited at KLIA to pick me up instead. -_____-"

It is now 11.16 A.M. Starring out my room window from the 24th floor; looking at all these pencakar langits and roller coaster highways can't possibly make me feel better. I'm missing Perhentian island very much already.

It's so gloomy today as much as I feel. Or perhaps it's the PMS; it's been dragging for 2 weeks. But... But..... It was sunny e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y at the beach! ))))):


Ahhhhh~ I need my sun!!!!! I want the sea!!! I love no-city, I love no jungle, I love to bersantai at the pantai; FOREVER~!


See? This is what I call life. Sighhh~

Now I'm going to get ready for 2 castings -one at 2 P.M, the other at 8.30 P.M. First time attending a casting at night; should be quite fun getting lost before reaching there. lol~ & watching Wall-E in between with Winson.....

Hpoefluly tihs moive wlil mkae me day beettr.

p/s: i hate departing, i really hate goodbyes, i think i could really do with a hug, i need a hug. ))))))))))':