Friday, September 5, 2008


Yesterday did not turn out that bad after all. Thanks to Winson who accompanied me to castings and during the long block of time in between; or I wouldn't know what to do really.....

Casting for Maxis @ ********. The frames behind me are all the stars that starred in various ads like Pepsi, Pantene, etc; shot by this company before!

Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou, Alex Foong, a lotttt of Korean artists, a few from States and only about one or two from Malaysia, (no Elaine Daly lol)... It's good!

And guess wot!? -I bumped into a very. fucking. hot. director for Sprite. =O

How freaking lucky can I be! I swear to good lord he is the HOTTEST, CUTEST, guy I've ever MET in my LIFE! A Mat Salleh guy, brown hair, and boiii is he sexc~!

I managed to talk to him for a bit as it was raining very heavily yesterday as I waited for Wins to get his car. He told me I was beautiful wtf! =Story not to be disclosed= Now he is Wall-E and I am Eve. hahaha!

Anyway, he is flying off to Shanghai today at 4pm. So sad.

Nerdy Wins and I.

Got too bored while waiting after filling up the forms :


Ahhh, yes. I wore my lucky shirt. I don't know why but I somehow always feel so much more confident and beauty whenever I wear this top. ^^

More pictures during casting:

Front shot.

Side / 90 degrees shot.


Did a few scenes with an imaginary "husband". It went good, but they are actually looking for a malay lady who looks 25. Hmm~

Went to Sunway Pyramid while waiting for my 8.30 slot.....

" Happy Pre-Mooncake Festival greetings, readers~! "

And oh ya Oh ya! We FINALLY have Krispy Kreme in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!

Did you hear me?????

KRISPY KREME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It melts in your mouth the minute icing sugar touches your soft pinkish tongue, you literally squeal in delight deep inside, you've got a Adrenaline Sugar Rush!; all da way up to give you a punch in your head!

OK la.. I was lying. It was JCo donuts. 1/2 a dozen of them. Malaysia still doesn't have Krispy Kreme. ))))):

Winson & Jade Z posing with doughnuts.

Now, Check this out. I personally find this very lame since the 1st time I read it. Tell me what you think of :

Tiramisu = Tira Miss You poem on the table?

I don't get it. The poem seems to be trying so hard to sound simple but beautiful, but it reads out pretty lame.

And the creme inside can murder your belly.


Jade Z: Bah.

Wins: Nah!


AAAAANYWAY. I'm going out again today to get my jeans from Robb @ Nuffnang's new office!!! Then get a good fringe. Waduyu think?!?

Before I leave, let me share with you a piece of short story first lah, ya?

I went to Wella headquaters a day before leaving to Perhentian to get a good fringe, and dye my hair.

Looked like crap then.

The final result, & posing together with my "hairstylist".

The thing is, I don't know really... Each time I tell them what I want to do with my hair, they never failed to give me a sense of reluctance to do their job. UNLESS all I asked for is treatment (-The easiest task to do for one's head in their dictionary I suppose), then they'll be very happy.

Each time I request (i.e to only TRIM my fringe) will I get a response like "No need lah", "Like that better", "Like that good already mah", "Haiyah...", "You just want to DO something with your hair; even if it looks like there is NO difference, right?"... Or the fella will just stand there with a blank expression starring at my hair after I did my request. =/

I am serious. As a sponsor, I don't feel that is the right way to response to your client or whoever it is. If I HAVE to put it in a bad way, it could only be put in one word -LAZY. I'm very sorry to say this but this truth is very upsetting. I actually wish the Wella heads will read this and improve their hairdressers.

Some of them are really pretty good tho.

Gwen who at least listens to what you want.

I love Emily. Emily gives me what I want with MY hair.

Now no matter what the story is, I can't afford to do any cutting of my hair @ that place anymore. Enough is Enough. My stresses have been ill-treated since "this" started and I'm going to give my everything to make it look good again starting from today.

Off to get an awesome fringe.