Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Little Rain

I sit by the shore,
and close my eyes,
feeling the waves pushing me hard.

I see them as punishments for every moment that I am missing you.

I shut my eyes;
where lashes meet lashes,
and I wish hard for a pair of strong, warm arms -
wrapping me up;
saving me from this sin.

But nothing happened.

So I hang my head down in shame,
to have such a thought of you,
but then I pray harder that when I open my eyes,
you will be standing here right in front of me.

Too far?
You are too far.
Yes I know;
I am here, you are there...
It's O.K! I know.

So I wish instead;
when I open this pair of wishful eyes,
I will still see you right in front of me,
at the opposite island.

It is still far, but it's O.K.
As long as I can see you,
it doesn't matter how small you seem,
because I can scream.

I can scream your name out loud;
and say:

I, Miss, You.

I miss you so so much I could cry.

That my heart is screaming in the sea you hear?

I finally open my eyes,
and look around,
to see that I am the only one left in this deep blue sea.

The tide is high, and I am not holding on.
I look so hard at the block of island opposite me,
but I see shit.

I stood up;
to find scratches from broken corals on my legs,
I do not feel when I am dreaming of you.

I write your name,
on the sand in the sea,
where only fishes can see,
till the day I will kiss you goodbye;