Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sexy Pants for You, Sexy Pants for Me!

Would you want Jessica Alba to kiss you? If you’re still waiting for the kiss, it’s probably because you are not sexy enough. Now, to help you guys out I’m gonna give you guys out there something that will make you a whole load sexier.

Levi’s® gave me a pair of new 501® jeans for guys which is obviously oversized for a petite girl like me; nonetheless just to give you guys an idea of how sexy a pair of jeans can get, I have very graciously taken a few pictures of myself wearing them.

So here they are:


If you saw these pictures and thought to yourself “Oh my! Those are very nice pants!” well, it’s your lucky day. This is because out of AAAAALLLLL the blogs out there, I’m the only one I know that is giving these pair of jeans out.

That’s right; I’m giving these EXACT pair out to one lucky guy, who can correctly guess the size of the pants. Here’s a clue: I’m a size 26.

If there are more than one correct, we’re gonna need a slogan. So, with the guess, tell me why you would look sexy in a pair of Levi’s® 501® Jeans.

It’s not thattttt hard, really. Good luck, machos! ((((((((((: