Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Your Love Classified ???

When most people think back on being single, they reminisce about the days of being footloose and fancy free, a simpler time when all you had worry about was you. But being single isn’t all what it’s cut out to be. When you are single, you’re either being pressured to have a relationship or there is simply no where you can go to meet people who are likeminded.

Hence the birth of Love Classified, a two hour programme on Red FM dedicated to singles. The radio show is the only one of its kind to create a forum for singles to discuss issues on being single. This month singles get to share all about nightmare dates. As a reward for sharing their stories on air, singles’ get a pass for the Love Classified Singles Event, happening at Subang Sheraton’s Emperor Restaurant on August 2nd. It’s a time for singles to get together and have some fun.

Although couples aren’t involved in the event, they are not excluded from the Love Classified programme, DJ Nisha encourages listeners to send in dedications to their loved ones via sms, to help set the mood for the evenings on Red FM’s exclusive love song show. Not only does Love Classified set the mood, it also helps you relax, with classic love songs from the 80s, 90s and now. So even if you’re not a romantic, you will definitely sit back and enjoy the tunes being played.

So if you haven’t heard of Love Classified, try it on and let Nisha take you through a romantic, relaxing journey with spurts of laughter to help you wind down from a hectic working weekday. Love Classified airs Mondays to Fridays from 8 to 10 pm.

-Article by DJ Nisha- (:

Our next Love Classifieds event is this Saturday at Subang Sheraton Hotel from 6 to 9 P.M. Then we can go PARTAYYY somewhere else laytah~!!! What you do is basically dining with the DJs, get to know more singles, and have fun!

I am given 10 spaces (5 for males, 5 for females) under my V.I.P Guest List, so if anyone is interested, please feel free to drop me a note in my comment box! Don't worry; it's free, no hassle, simple romantic dina, Jade Z would love to see you guys there. ^^

This is how it went on our last Love Classifieds event at Michelangelo's Itallian Kitchen @ Sunway Pyramid on 5th July 2008.


Lagoon's view from above...


Goin' Itallianoh~!!!


Me and the interns


Singles' form


The "Yes or No" form


The contestants having the moment of their lives in the 3-minutes-Speed-Dating-Session. LOLZ!


As for me, it's all about work. sighz~


But I'm also Single & Available!!!!!


Jade Z | Jeremy | Daughter & Hilmi


My beloved pair of DJs - JD & Dilly


Aly | JD | Nisha | Dilly


Group shot 1


Treasure Hunt!!!!




I, classified The Love.




Lagi GAYA sial~! lolz. damn poser loh you two.


Nisha | Shen Yan | Jade Z | Poi Yan


Behind the scenes; but on the stage.


Willy joined in this time with his fingers..


Prize giving for treasure hunt


Final group shot!

And here is one candid shot of me at Flame after Uncle So's house warming party. If you wonder why I was holding the crocs, well......


Apparently, it's meant to be my dad's birthday present. I bought the wrong size and had to have him fetch me back to Sunway to change it. So smart, Cindy.

I am so busy. I'm not happy like that. I am too too busy. I hadn't have time for myself till NOW! wtf. I can't check my FaceBook, I have to always hold my pee during office hours, I miss my blog so much, I can't even uniform the fonts cuz I have to go IKEA now.....

...I want to blog and communicate with my readers, God DAMN IT!