Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RESULT: Sexy Pants for You, Sexy Pants for Me!

THE answer is: W33 L34.

(Victor you got it perfectly correct, but you did not provide me with a slogan. WHY!?!?!?! aiyohhh~)

Dear participants,

I have only ONE pair of Levi’s® 501®, but I shall list down THREE Top 3 guy nominees. They are:

#1 : lepak

#2 : Nickosaures-rex

#3 : lbk

...and for one GIRL finalist :


Don't worry, there is no more hassle.

Just ANY one of you from the above who replies this post BY tonight when I go online again (to post up a new veryyy sexyyyyy post), will get this pair of jeans!!!

-Because I don't know which one of you are my frequent blog readers, and the jeans can't wait to be worn!!!!! Yes, he is very excited to own a Master who HAS the body to flaunt it.

So whether you are a guy, OR a girl, you'll get to have to have dina with me at a selected restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas, so that I can pass you your new found beauty. (((:

& do take note that you will have to take at least ONE picture with me, AND make an appearance in my blog; (((((:

O.K? Set??

See you lucky guys TONIGHT!!!!

LOTSSSSS of L..O..V..E.. ,

Jade Z.