Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Star Green Day Looks Red

Ever wonder what happens if you put Malaysian Idol AND Malaysian Dreamgirl together???

Malaysian Idol

Malaysian Dreamgirl

ta daa!! cute lehh~~~

& don't you think our HAIR style looks almost the SAME?! and our smile TOO! haihhh~ How like that? Maybe Daniel & i should exchange identity. lolz

Anyway, if you are wondering how i got to meet up with our Malaysian Idol here, it's actually because of my job.....


miss futurama

with Gayathry the intern

shameless attempt posing a break-the-boss's-door which looks more like a washroom.

After full of taking pictures, we headed off for real work.....

The Star Green Day @ Lembah Kiara T.T.D.I

you'll never get lost in the greens~!

Jack & Gaya setting up Red FM 's buntings

they say i say

Vendors & Activities :

Marigold Peel Fresh 's counter

Kuntum magazine colouring contest

face & body paint

Gaya got hers & i think i might save mine for a real tattoo... it's gonna be sweeett! Waduyu think?! :DDD

sk8ter bois

Green Cotton Story :

the extra super sweet guy who offered me & Gaya FREE cotton candy without us asking!!!!!

the cotton candy postman

girls are

i justtt realized that the cotton candy turned out to look like a LOVE shape!!! no?

Performances :

a lil' cute boy playing the drum drums better than any 40 year old could

Dina; Malaysian Idol finalist

baby or Dina?

Jade Z & Dina

Estrella the Band

with Liyana

Marriane | Jade Z. | Daniel | Gaya

with trees from Narnia *gulp*

with the lovely Bratz gurlz

& the one and only Bratz guy who is really friendly & helpful with taking pictures. lol

Suria FM's sweetheartss

AK and Gaya and the fingers thingy goin on~!

i love marriane! & marriage too. LMAO!!!

Suria's cross

CD giveaways

just wondering... why did the monk wear BRIGHT ORANGE to the PARK?!?! can he change the holy color of old gold into THIS???

Art or Fart :



So? Art or Fart?? hahaha... Just plant a TREE today; it's as easy as a fart, and comes out like an art. OK, whatever la.

Nature VS Machinery

I'm too dizzy and sleepy. Almost died 3 times yesterday while driving back home after work because of some allergy medication (got skin allergy after coming back from the Green Day).

Did you SEE the PERHATIAN/CAUTION thing? Cuz i did NOT! How am i suppose to know there are medics in this world that gives such WARNINGS?!

No wonder i was like "Cindy you don't want to die", OR "Cindy drive safely you don't want that to happen" at every corner, OR "Cindy you know what?! Just get the fuck up!".

But i STILLLLL dozed off in the CAR, with the RADIO blasting Michael Bolton's "Said i love you but i lied", during dina time, & in the shower standing up! Can you IMAGINE that?! Cuz i barely can.

sighz~ Please love your liver, people.