Thursday, June 5, 2008

BaBy Q

Hello dear all,

How are you? It looks like it'll be a good start for a new day today. Surprisingly the roads were not that jammed up from Sri Kembangan to K.L; just like the past 4 days. It was hell. But I'm sure they'll be congested again in 2 hours time as it's a Friday, & the Muslims will swarm by to the nearest mosque to get their prayers done.

Life's been great and hectic at the same time so far. Coming back home everyday feeling like I could collapse anytime; but I'm having loads of fun working here at Red FM -1st new "E-news" for you. & yes, I'm currently staying at my aunt's place @ Equine Park for bout 2 weeks, before I move in to my *NEW* home at Mont Kiara -your 2nd E-news.

My blog will be written quite simply and simple these days. Am trying my best to update you bout my life & how / what I'm up to, in between office hours so hotpinkchili stays alive~! (& mind you it's STILL with ONE "L"! q:)

dinner 3 hour's ago with kak Farah; Red 's news reporter !

Speaking about "live", Princess Jade realizes that "the second you really live is the second before you nearly died". This doesn't sound too happy, but it's true I feel. When is the last time you truly feel you lived? That day at the beach? But do those moments felt more real than the only one second you nearly fell down the drain 1/2 way through your dreams, & you felt as if your whole heart fell to the ground with you?

So. Yesterday, Jade Z. went for lunch with her colleagues; Jerry, Leong, Nisha, everyone almost. & she found the BEST char siu rice in town! SWEAR! Serious!!!

in checks wishing it was cheques.

I don't know how to describe the exact location, so come to my office during lunch time, we eat togetha, okie? hahaha! :DDD

char siu fan!!!

wan tan mee + char siu

Double J = Double Cuteness can? lolz! Presenting: Jade Z & Jerry

Now acting cooolllll~~~!

& guess who's this. it's Mr. IT or Leong my old-office-pc saver! why shy shy wan?

Only Me. Can't get enough of Me? Well ...............

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*** Tey Cindy will now be fully known as Jade Z. instead of Miss C from today; because she realizes that if she marries, she might have to change her name to Mrs. Pitt or Mrs. Depp or Mrs. Cruise! Like that. hahaha...