Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Slice of My Life~!


Jade Z. will be at Penang this Friday to Saturday. So come join me if you happen to be there, or a Penangite~!!!

It's either that, or I get to be a host for an Astro production; broadcasting Euro 2008 (7 days night shoot). Either one, I'm still fluffily thrilled!!!!! :DDD

So. What is it like to live a LIFE like Cindy Tey -Lately?

Poise. Happy. Carefree. ???

The answer ties down to all. the. above. :D

Again here comes another sane post about my dreary working life; with dashes of colors everywhere, and hues of grey in between.....

Office hours are all about [duh!] Working. Off office hours are about this:

Jade Z. with former DJ Tim -now Red's program manager

Jerry & Jade

... Surprisingly? we alwayzzz managed to come out with cute silly pics effortlessly!

Jade Z. with Helmetty Helmy~

who supports Red by wearing Red ?

he HAS to see my PINK car, he said..... & i think he loves it!!! ^^

After AND off-office hours, comes the mosttt tedious moment I always try to change into jollity and glee tick tocks instead~

Please do NOT try this on the road !


driving thru my favvvorite SMART tunnel,,, which is not thattt "smart" after all -or they wouldn't have to close it whenever it bloody drizzles! Right?!

i wonder if they really have those damnnn cameras tracking speeders -i run at 90 km/h in here.

i have this crazzeee obsession about tunnels!!! i MUSTTT capture pictures of em'. i feel, they contain secrets and stories no souls will ever know! i wonder where those lil Exits on the sides lead to.....!

taking pictures of my lil' baby pinky family in Cindy's car --->Candy! *^o^*

putting into frame - hard to capture moments - like stretching leg out so far - to scratch - when the red lights - feels too long..... =S


and hard to seize moments when you are NOT living a working life - would be something like this; which i copped few months ago before shitty MDG.....

whyyy is her bra worn at the back!?

Back on track. Jade Z. actually listens to Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson's CDs; back & forth -trying to see if she can find an invisible string which was once used as the couple's sole communication tool through this emotional vacuumed capsule after their divorce, EXISTS.

I know that sounded pathetic. But this is even worse.

Stuck in a bad jam (everyday) - looking at the meter going 0 km/h - and your FUEL goin' DOWNNN... Down baybeh, DOWNNNNN~!~!~! *sobz*

I can actually see the skyyy turning from BRIGHT to NIGHT. that's how farrr i live away from my work place, & i can onllly move into my new place next month! i'm sad. ))))):

moving sun sets.

mirror translating reflection

and speed translating possibilities of death, or beauty darkness ?

Constantly reminding myself work IS fun because of the ephemeral joyful moments like this :

latest celeb pic fresh from studio, is our one & only -Chef Wan!

late night dinners in cosy places.....

... with DJ[s].

Weekends are always quite perfunctory, but contrary.

LEGO exhibition!!!

with LEGO bee !

... acting BarBIE ~!

trying out *NEW* things to eat..!

like this chocolatey thingy over here.....

alien fondue

and it sucked!!! if you eva passed by Bread Papa (i think thats the name) which sells some Japanese creampuffs, DON'T EVER TRY their chocolate thingy. But their p u f f s are mellifluously great. (:

Having a weird blend of combination of this in my tummy after that:

Kwong Woh Tong. -_____-"

guilinggao - "turtle jelly". wanna ban it, people??? q:

my best friend, Winson.

who is always there for me,

to act cRaZy & SiLLy with me,

so i call ourselves - Xiao Zhu & Yi Ling. MUAH HA HA HA~~~!

my version on Herbie -fully loaded!

Ain't my life beautiful?

Rate it.

you know i have my emo moments... lalala~ *^o^*