Sunday, June 22, 2008

Odd Chilies

Hi everyone! I'm back from PENANG!!!

Everything at Penang was awesome. Definitely going back there again some day! It wasn't my 1st time there but going with different people to the same location makes it a totally different place once again!

I've got many many many many many pictures from Penang -in 3 cameras at LEAST. So i'll only post about it once i have ALL the shots.

For now, for the sake of updating a chili, here comes a miniature post. Not many words, just pictures & captions. (= :

Went to Hee Lai Ton Restaurant yesterday to celebrate my uncle's birthday

LOOK AT THOSE PIGLETSSS !!! i wonder why they were roasted outside by the car park!

Inside however, serves food in a better manner...

ta daa~! steamed fish & yam which is very special & yummy!!!

stir-fry kai lan with fresh shelled prawns

tauhu & petola in superior stock gravy

deep fry butter squid with salted egg yolk

Hee Lai Ton zhao pai claypot chicken

pencuci mulut

baby Julian looking hot with his watermelon




cousin Jaclyn & Jade Z. -drinking fat free yogurt drink after shopping for Father's Day gift.

in front of Jusco.

Jusco indeed!

don't i look like i was in fairy land!? :D

Astro's casting.

in Astro's cafeteria.

went to Sunway to meet my lecturers and juniors.

met up with bestie ex-roomate Audrey

Terrance | Jade Z | Michael

Terrance | Michael | Rocky

at Advertlets's Made of Honor movie premier

with the strong steady couple

at SOULED OUT!; instead of NewMan 5th Anniversary Party

perfect fruits blended to perfection


& Darren -my next best boy friend after Winson

who told me Souled Out sells the BEST cabonara in town~!

stir-fry beef teows

Then guess where I went?!?!?!

Eyes on Me

Darren & I in the floating cube

bebe & prawn


the picturesque night view

Wait a minute; Will you ever consider taking wedding photos here??? lol