Friday, May 16, 2008

A Blithe Indifference~!

Just something debonair to share about!

I was searching for materials to write on an article about myself, and I found this picture!!! I didn't even know I HAVE this picture! :DDD

ha ha ha... I think I look like Casper~!

The next sweet thing is,

Me and Mr. Toady!!! Toady is livin' high up in one of the cupboards in my room like Rapunzel these dayz..... ): Because he lost an eye....................! ))):

And oh ya, oh ya!! I found another very CUTE picture! lolx. It's not ME thats cute, it's the picture itself!

Mom and I wearing something SIMILAR! yeeerrrrrr........ It reminded me of something I almosttt forgot~; I used to have the same pajamas with mummy, just a smaller size, which grandma made out of the left-over cloths from mom's. I'll always let mom shower first, then I could copy what she's wearing. hehe!! ^o^

The last one that I find quite interesting, is This :



I'm a poser with the cars since I was a kid. hahaha! Never realized that!

Am signing off to cook lunch~!

~*~*~ Happy Lunch Hour, guys!~*~*~