Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buses come in threes

It's been two and a half months now.

i'm lying here with my iPod listening to our song till its final note; allowing it to take my breath away, this time without you by my side. this song is incomplete without the missing notes of your strong, steady heartbeat battling to win the music - desperately trying to catch my attention which never fails to fake an escape.

with your eyes closed, pretending you're asleep, you looked so beautiful to me... and everybody wants to have you. they flooded me with "you're so lucky".


it's been a while.

my thumb makes a swift semi-circle spin. a switch of melody to my favorite song; enjoying it just to switch it off again to yours, just like you always do - teasing me to make me frown, which then made you angry, five minutes later ended up kissing with out of control tongues and making up to each other like losers.

the late night suppers at mc d. eating heavily black peppered fries and sundaes, watching you eating your best friend (Big Mac) down your tummy, i find it very funny. you tickle me in each. and. every. single way, baby boy!

i miss you and everything you do; the times you annoyed me, the way you sulked and stared, as you raised your voice with your ego - simply creating a childish reason to bring me up, and made me the happiest girl on earth again!

i miss being angry at you dreadfully; just to feel you showering me with your love and affection.

the times when you stink up the toilet four times a day, giggling warning me not to go in, i'm sorry i sulked.

you taught me things i could never learn from any men's heart, and life.

spinning my iPod round and round a thousand times more now, will never make any difference now that ...

we're gone.