Saturday, May 17, 2008

You swore an oath for Turtles by MOCKING Me?

Can I say this?

I find it damn amusing. I found out lately that my blog is also read by,

  • Marine turtle conservation group
  • WWF people
  • Eco-system students
  • Turtle / tortoise / terrapin lovers
  • "I'm part of a group of people working towards the conservation of said species..."

Thank you, people. Thank you for bringing up the awareness. Because I'm sure not Everyone who reads hotpinkchili knows that Terrapins are one of the endangered species that should be given extra attention to.

Now that I ate it, told the world, thus made some people upset... I'm glad my blog managed to surface some awareness, and I do hope the buying will decrease (if not stop), and that the killing will too. (:


I'm not sure how a simple blog ramblings about the Life of a girl chasing her dreams could turn out to be a big war zone, even when it comes to a subject of a reptile. Why???

People love making a Big Deal out of the littlest thing I do. Having said that, I would also love to believe that I'm born with it then; whether you like it or not.

You know what? To the energy wasters out there hating me, it's time to Just Swallow It. And I'm sorry about that; cuz' there's nothing you can do about it! Tell me, tell me what cannn you do? You don't HAVE to HATE me when you don't even KNOW me, you know??

You can say I'm normal, I don't

I can tell you now that -


I am just like you.


here YOU are,
reading MY blog!


Because Tey Cindy is SO Ordinary? But everyone is special, my dear children. No one is a Nothing. It just depends on how much you want to make SOME thing out of... YOU! And once you made it, it doesn't mean you are any different~ There's nothing to be proud of; cuz everyone HAS a chance, but perhaps their time just hasn't arrive yet. That's all!

& Now ain't that funny cuz I wouldn't even bother dropping by a blog whose owner belongs to somebody I hate!!! And may I ask, WHY are you here? To give personal attacks? Go AWAY and do something more USEFUL! Or go hate yourself~ I don't know! SHOOOOOOO~~~!

Let me quote some of my readers here. I took them from my comment box, and I find em' quite funny or more so,,, interesting.

"acsmvtak: If you really wanna protect the wildlife, dont waste your time commenting here, better make use of your precious time to set up a forum and join WWF instead. Every single damn min counts u know...turtles are dying !! quick !!! shoo shoo shoo"

"simplyfelicious: people will be more willing to listen if we were less harsh with our comments and more constructive."

"YAP: seek where the problem starts b4 accusing sum1 of having no education on endangered species... u cant jus blame consumers for the whole problem... ;)
so it'll be great that both sides start doing sumtin bout it instead of dropping 'not very nice comments' about anyone... it's good to voice out... but it shud be more constructive..."

"the return: ...In this however, make no mistake that we are ONLY exclusively singling out Cindy for comment."

You don't swear an oath for turtles by mocking me! There are many forms of love, and in this case its for animals, right? But if love is expressed in a way of mockinggg, do you still call that "l.o.v.e"? Nooo! You just hate me, that's what it's all about! LOL

Alrighto~ I found an area which sells nothing BUT cooked terrapins. Here is a ROW of shops filled with their smell.

Foon Kee, Ming Kee, Ah Kee, Turr Keee... meh~

That was and would be the last time I consume terrapin meat. And to those who are curious to try, there is no need to really. Because frogs taste better. Ha Ha Ha...!


No la, seriously, this is what I think. To Quote the return,

"What you do for the environment WILL come back to you in one way or another. This is not karma, this is the way the environment works."

I totally agree with that statement. Well, there will ALWAYS be people who wants to try. (Hello? The world is so BIGGG!) That's human nature; you can never kill curiosity or stop an urge completely. Now now, don't be too upset about it tho... cuz' there will also ALWAYS be people who wants to RESTORE the damage. What goes around, comes around, doesn't it? (=

I'm just gonna be fair. You can "boom~!" me if you want. I honestly, think that it is O.K for people to eat what they wanna TRY, but that's IT. A taste. You can't live your life wondering how it tastes like IF that BOTHERS you.

But let's approach this matter in a more CONSTRUCTIVE way towards anyone who endangers the lives of extincting animals. We might not be able to CHANGE the World, but we are here, because we CAN make a Difference.