Sunday, February 17, 2008

A "Hopeless" Dreamgirl

Yes!, I am Cindy Tey, & YES!, I managed to get into the Top 50 MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL audition!!! :DDD

Well, I wasn't really nervous NERVOUS, but I was more paranoid about what IF- I don't get selected to enter at LEAST this round; because dad wasn't feeling very well, and he still insisted in driving me (+ my whole family too to give me their support; but in the end ended up shopping @ The Mall also lah~ lol!) from Johor to K.L at about 7 a.m -ish?

Poor dad... *i love u*

I'm glad I did NOT let him & anyone else who knows and loves me down. ^^

Below is a picture of me taken on that day; which I got from pinkpau's blog. I bumped into her unexpectedly yesterday, and it was kinda cool cuz I havent seen her for a year I think!

Well, I don't really know Su Ann in person, but I am in love with the way she chooses ONLY the RIGHT words for each of her sincere, very well-thought blog entries. ;)

and so... here you go~!


hehehe!!! I got "it"! :DDD

I am only the selected Top 50. This coming Friday would be the day 3 judges; including Malaysia's famous blogger- Kenny Sia, to choose ONLY 12 finalist!

*I'm so nervous...* >.<""

This blog entry ends here, but here are some pictures I THINK look pretty picturesque~ So let's s.h.a.r.e... okieee??? q:

These are not professional shots- my brother Eugene helped me take em' in my chamber. T-hee!!! Another poor thinggg~ aww...... thanks bro!

& many thanks to ALLLLL of YOUUU out there who had WISHED and (literally) PRAYED for MEEE!!!!!

I appreciate them a LOTTTTT, I swear!

Lots of Love,
A "Hopeless" Dreamgirl; 12:12 a.m

*xoxo* @>-----