Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One Exiguous Note

Let me ask you a Question. I was just wondering..... -

"What will you do if your g/f or b/f gets a tattoo and you scorn it, but there's nothing you can really do about it?" (let's say, you are 101% against people with tattoos)

Will you :

A) Accept the fact reluctantly / whole-heartedly ?
B) Break up with her /him.

Cuz you can't possibly ask her / him to remove it anymore.

Just a piece of thought for you to think about lah~ (;

As ya'll know, I've got into the MDG audition- and aiyahhh~ its not like a very big deal lah; but I should say that that fact has actually gotten the best of me these dayz... @.@

Everything I do, every time any day, I still feel like it's a Dream~!

Can't believe I got it, uncontrollably excited of what will happen this Friday...; It's pretty soon ey!!! & let me tell you this; if I am disqualified, I'm pretty sure it's because I'm fat. Please don't deny me- cuz only I have seen my body before!

Not fat FATTT lah obviouslyyyy~ but got unwanted flesh at some unwanted places wtf. & I'm running out of time..... ):


I got
real RED. HOT! at Nando's the next day after the aud~!

Extra RED, Extra H.O.T peri-peri, sparkling apple juice~ I was delighted. ^^

Back at home; Labis- Johor, I went to Pasar Malam with ama, kuku, and my bro.

the rain didnt stop people from flooding

famous nasi lemak stall

me & my ama; both in pink!

my one & only brother- do we look alike? I was trrrying~~~ lol

& justtt now, we went to Tea 1 Bubble Tea shop which was newly opened 2 months ago.

the 3 workers I never knew who kept mengumpating me...

ESPECIALLY when I did THIS! : -

like damn chio~! kekeke...

OKAYYY~ Shower Time!!! See you when I see you.....

Remember my Question arr ! ! ! q: