Thursday, February 14, 2008

My 2008 Valentines

i think my pms has gotten the best of me. i've been feeling very down and upset about nothing for the past two days. got blamed for being "angry" when i'm not, accused for being petty and making things complicated, calling me a pessimist. why la??? ))):

*sighhh~* i feel so sick -like i would feel better if i throw up my heart; just to see a bunch of troubles dangling onto it. i can SO picture that. how picturesque~ =.=

it's Valentine's day today, and here i am feeling extreeemely lonelyyy. and blogging.

i have people who cares about and around me, but this "i-dont-feel-loved" syndrome is haunting myself.

However, i am actually here to thank these people who made me feel loved THIS Valentine~ :

Darren - Thanks for calling up and making me feel so good about myself again, and this day itself. Your ability to make me feel "i'm NOT alone!" never fails to cheer me up. & tho i might not get your hand-made paper flowers, i'm glad to know you are working & giving them out today-carving smiles on people's faces. ;)

Winson - Arigato, arigato, arigato. I know how much you love Japanese~ Thanks for always being there to "catch me when i fall!" -never, NEVER fail to be there for me ANYTIME, ANY DAY. Being the only person so far who never fails to listen and understand each and every word i loathed. -i'm grateful to have an angel like you. ^^

Oliver Jeyrald Lee. - For your continuous advise, support, and guidance, i sallute you. you are, "The Man!"~ hahaha!!! Thanks for your amazing CV sample, being bold enough to tell me where i can improve, bringing out the best in me, and always find me on MSN eventho i'm so "Away"... aiyo! q:

p/s : thanks for your V'day e-card!

Allie; Yaw Mei - A friend who never forgets me no matter which part of the world i'm in; thanks for always being the last one to end an SMS session. (:

Busy Airene - For everything. Everything, babe...!

Great Sheon - For reading my blog and posting supportive comments no matter what the HELL i do! you are definitely a GREATTT guy~!!! ;D

Kok Hao - My ex handy man, victim, student, and guru; For never forgetting my birthday and Valentine Day wishes. Tho we've stopped the card exchange tradition, your wishes revive in me every year... Thank you.

Nicole; Sze Yin - Thanks for being such a helpful cousin, soul mate, or (ex)-housemate-(to-be)? I will NEVER, NEVER EVER forget the day you tried to take those lenses off my eyes and rushed me to the hospital..... We missed a date today, but hopefully we'll have more to come~!? xD

Timothy Tjhung - For believing. Supporting all that i'm doing. Scolding me to wake me up. For loving me no matter how rough and hideous i become, balancing my life's pH, saying "eh beauty man" to remind me of how beautifully nasal i am in your eyes every night, endless calls and text messages; which sadly feels like they are fading away slowly these days...

Brother Eugene - I love you MOST amongst all. You did everything EVERYONE else does for me, and even MORE~!

Daddy and Mummy
- Happy Valentine's Day...! Mum's backing a cake for dad; i can smell the fragrance here from my room.....

*sighz* i wanna bake a cake for someone TOO..... )))':