Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tamar Tidings Part #2

i am graduating!!! i'm getting my DEGREE!!! mum and dad, are you proud of me??? :DDD

i had only just turned 21 a week ago and all i'm doing now is waiting for the time to come for me to take a hugeee, biggg LEAP out off that uni and flinggggg my graduation hat AS HIGHHH AS I CAN FLING IT into the air with another hundreds of people!!!!!

after all this worrying whether i can pass or not (because i said "my dad pay my fees for me to be a convict" for the #1 ultimate sucky play Tamar Tidings and the Head of Theater School, Peter Hammond overheard it. - he was just standing behind me and i didn't fucking know at all!) the results came out at 9am today and i got all credits; except for Tamar. Pass nia. cibai~~~

very tulan wan lorh this old man. even my ang moh friends told me that he very xiu hei wan; and pengingat dendam gehhh. why laa... so old dy. then its true wad, that Tamar sucks. the last two shows was canceled because the actors from every Tasmanian theater societies complained they didn't wanna act in it anymore. PLUS the box office sold only 10% of the tickets. -______-"

LAO DIAO !!!!!

anyway, here are the pics for Tamar Part 2...

Pocket Stories and Loud iPods

performing by the grave. how "fun" could that be~

look at this 8 in 1 grave of the Wing family! geez~ their ages.... they died so young!!!

Ain acting ghostly... kakakaka~~~!

Kristen, Me, and Tracy (Kris said only i managed to open my eyes. LOL)

changing tents for male actors (yerrr... let ghosts see!)

church lent for female actors (let Jesus see. later he drool~ HAHAHA!!!)

the second last stop :

look at that stupid fucking barge! it's not even ON the water!!! -__________-"""""
better perform indoors right?

see how COLD it IS ?!?!?! +o(

Me and Krissy on the barge

the other damn jialat messy tent

World's #1 Slutty Convict. wukakaka!!!

World's CUTEST Convict with her fruit bread and margarine~!

the barge at night..... quite scenic lah actually~

took this when kinwai fetched me back home one day using the "picturesque road" as Suresh named it. nice rite? hehe!!

the last stop :

a bit freakkyyy leh, this shot. cuz hor.....

a freaKKYYY girl took it.

this zhabor is really creepy lor. at first she wanted to stick with me and talked to me about how she loves throwing her doll around. and her doll which looked like she owned it for 5 years doesnt even have a name. then she wanted to sit with me on the uncomfortable bus with 90 degrees straight seats, and forced me to read a story book to her during the solid one hour journey. EH! limpeh need to piu yin wan after that OK!

but her MOTHER was sitting in FRONT of me and really expecting me to read the story book to her siau daughter. i read lorh... and my friends said i was c2pid. -_____-"

i guess i was.

cuz not only that. i carelessly slipped out the fact that i had a camera with me and she forced me to take it out until everyone in the bus heard it. so she snapped 40 over pictures of the grass. how ANNOYING!!!

15 minutes before we reached, this was what she said:

you don't look like us. have you get that from anyone?

no, not really...

no. you do. you do get that. do you get that from anyone?

no, not...

yes. you do~ you look black. you have dark skin. are you from africa?


whad-dha-fark ?! was it a 7 years old i was talking to or whaT???

kurang asammm punya budak oiiii~!!!

racist Racist RACISTTT!!! i know wan larrr... even my classmates; 98% of them racist wan. see they show or not nia~! imagine if they were 7 years old. they might have said the same thing! OR. if this girl were to grow up to be my classmate; she wouldn't have still say THAT, but who knows, that's what she would say when she was younger~!

kkk, destination reached at 1pm.

what's missing is only you

wretch costumes

doing? what_

siao convict. this time my turn. HA-HA-HA!!!

i scared myself in the mirror. -TWICE!

this pink shirt lady here made the WHOLE room smelled like kiam he + heh bi ! (salted fish + dried shrimps) YUCK~!

Dee and Tracy in costumes ~

Dee and muah ! ^^ btw, Dee smells like alcohol. >.<

a moth and a bride. aduhhh.... the combination...

awWw~~~ my favourite girl from the ballet scene; cuz she wears glasses. cute rite? hehehe...

The Chinese Bride Scene Cast : Nurul Ain | Matt | Tracy J. | Jade Z. | Jonathan Liew


Dee cloaking us up...

Gold Rush! Scene : Chinese prospectors cast

towards the end.....

ops! i forgot his name as the alien of Tasmania. damn kao siao lah this play. makes no sense at all! the audience also watch until blur liao

Kai wearing the spirit's costume... hahaha!!!

Josso as an old man wearing a charity dress donated during flood. konon laa~

the fighting animals; Jess and Anoushka as the extincted Tasmanian white tiger

i love the cow most!!! kekeke... moo moo~~

got milk!?

few shots before it all ended for good -

Ain and Aaron playing Superman

Me and Tracy acting chio in sunglasses ^^

Alyd | Tracy | Ain | Miss C | Aaron

we got on the bus, and this time Tracy saved me from that freaky girl who kept searching for me AGAIN!

p/s: her mum got upset because i didn't want to sit with her daughter.

p p/s: her elder daughter was my actor in the play "Dinner" i directed earlier this sem, and she racist-ly dislikes me too. (:

p p p/s: that's why i don't understand it when people gossiped around saying i that love angmoh guys when i 1st came here yah~ shut the fuck up if you don't know me, bitches AND bastards who act like ONE full bitch!