Sunday, December 2, 2007

That Yellow Bucket We Stained.....

Welcome, to my House...

the path to da kitchen ,

the lonely telephone hall ,

and, my TOILET.

Very interesting indeed. The above is the house i was still living in a week ago. & you know what?! for 10 days i had to WALK to different places to take a shower. Sometimes, at 1 a.m. In this life, 2007 would be the most number of various toilets and bathrooms used by Me and Irene.

Imagine if you wake up half way while sleeping and need to go to the loo. What do you do? Now that shit really happened to me and i obviously COULDN'T go to the backyard to do so because its freaking DARK and COLD outtt there; so i bugged Irene and she asked me to pee in the yellow bucket at the kitchen. RIGHT~. & so that's what we did for 5 days.

There is this one time when i had to shit. At 2 a.m, i remember. So. What am i suppose to do? i can't just SHIT in the bucket! The answer is?, i slept with the keropok lekors in my intestines till the next morn when we got a friend to fetch me to her place at 7.30 a.m to use her toilet which i occupied for 20 minutes. -___-"

It's either that or sometimes we walked to the supermarket and used their ladies. During the day, i peed at the backyard as if i am a 6 year old. & do you know those angmoh style houses with damn low fences which macam takde fences after all; i was so worried that the builder will walk into the house just LIKE THAT?

And he did!! Luckily limbu finished business OK! Every, EVERY morning, we didn't know HOW the HECK he entered the house to renovate the bathroom when we were soundly sleeping. Then you wake up and see him with that grin on his face destroying the loo. He asked me where i went, why didn't i take him along, and then chatted with my neighbour and not doing work!!!!! When we girls need the bathroom so desperately and this guy is so fucking DANGEROUS..... sigh~~~

So whenever we were outside and whenever we see a loo, we would force ourselves to shit even when there's nothing. How SAD~

My housemate went to Melbourne for a week and borrowed his car to this girl who owns her own car. He told me everything in the world before he left, but not the fact that the toilet / bathroom would be renovated. Very smart indeed ya?, and a very well planned out time. & so i asked him WHY this particular week when he is not here, he claimed that the owner wanted to SUIT the BUILDER's time.

Why on EARTH does she PAYS the builder, but SHE has to suit HIS time???!!!

very smart.

i couldn't stand it any longer, i didn't want to make a fuss about it, and so now here i am, at a new place. -with two guys, a girl, and me. i am again, much happier here, though at most of the time everyone's minding their own business.

nobody HERE is doing anything; and i am doing nothing HERE too! -just waiting for the arrival of my graduation day, and the next day to Melbourne, and in no time, my right feet will step on KLIA's ground. i love...

i love.

xoxo mummy...