Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pocket Stories and Loud iPods

its always a struggle to find that pink iPod from my famous. big. golden. bag. which had followed me for years now. it's so huge and spacious i feel like i'm searching for my pod in a ROOM instead. but the good thing is? the more you use it, the better the gold skin looks! and if you can't find me, just find my bag. that's where you'll see me. (:

once i get hold of my pod, a few more wrinkles will surface on my heart. or at least, that's how it feels because i am so SURE to know that the earphones are tangled a.g.a.i.n. so there goes the pouter fidgeting in her seat solving the labyrinth and ill-favored ruckus. now here comes the identifying job of the "L"eft and "R"ight. i don't know why; but i just really cant stand sticking in the wrong pieces into the wrong lobes. NO!

after all that's done, will i feel a sense of accomplishment and contentment. becoming my own DJ and adjusting the volume every five minutes, the second thought comes by. always.

are you aware or do you care if the person sitting beside you hear you blast your favourite song?

cause i do. it's not that i care, care; but it's more to what they will think that gives me the unwanted anxiety.

i personally think that owning an iPod in this century is not a very common thing YET after all. it's not about the brand, but if you blast your MP3 and at least the 3 rows in front and back of you in a bus can hear it, SOME people will get irritated by the noise (but its not like its THAT loud after all right), SOME people will get annoyed without knowing why themselves (they just hate the sight of YOU sitting there looking out the window listening to your loud pod) while SOME just close one ear and act nonchalant.


1. why do you think the second type of people are annoyed? have YOU ever feel the SAME way?

2. have you ever ask yourself if the third type of people really don't care, or do they love to ACT as if they don't care?

i think it's jealousy. perhaps its not about what kind of pod you are using; but the courage you have to do-what-you-feel-like-doing, while she might have left her pod at home thus couldn't do so.

before, we were talking about how sick we feel performing in the Tamar show, bitching about the pimple face guy who acts like a bimbo, and sharing little pocket stories like how many guys we kissed.

then the fullstops queued up; clogging the flow of sentences.

after, we slowly take out our iPod(s) one. by one. the pink. the black. the silver.
all in a row, on our famous. big. bags.

there comes the Mother of ALL Fullstops. -the ultimate silence.

what happened to the stories we shared? are we afraid? why do we fear silences, my friends? our words knotted and zipped up together with our scents in costume bags and shoe boxes; i wonder what kind of friendship is this one like.

is it like a theater show? you pray together you'll get that part you wish for after an audition, you rehearse, fought, and have chocolates together during the production, and after the last show night's party, you only see each other once a year. or never again.

maybe that's why together is not spelled togather.

the next time you take out your iPod on a trip with your friends, think twice before doing so. cuz you'll never regret it.