Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cupcakes and Picnics

it has been quite some time since i last posted up an entry with picture(s), hasn't it? hahaha!!! now, my My Picture folder is bursting with so many other new folders with different events' names on them.

well, this is one of them. - Cupcake 's Picnic Birthday Party at The Gorge.

p/s: this entry is very picture heavy.

flowers from Shasha and her mummy

PICNIC!!! i can't remember the last time i had one before this!

this time with limpek in it!

Ain and Tracy ; the Clarence House girls!!

Kamini Lynette and sweet Laura in PINK!

Me and my best friend, Irene~!

my Housemates and I! - we all came in YELLOW!!!!! :DDD

Miss C | good ol' Najib | dear Shasha

Front to Back : Ain | Kamini | Nurul | Ash

Kin Wai and Miss C with her Summer Cous Cous Saladdd!!! nice? nice??

S~O~S~! MAKANNN sampai overrr KENYANG! Look at our bulging stomaches!!!

Ain's birthday cake (she is actually turning twenty-ONE!, NOT two! LOL)

singing the Happy Birthday song ~

i think i looked overjoyed!?

Ain looked happy too!!!

KinWai helping the birthday girl to remove the candles from her chocolate ice-cream cake!

HA!! curi makan!! LOL!!

savoring the last piece by herself~ yum yum!!

the Say CHEESE! girls having a piece of CHEESE before saying CHEESE!, and joining a CHEESYYY adventure!!!

real onot~ Longest single chairlift in the WORLD?! lol

Kamini and Tracy were the first to go...

go far far ~ ~ ~

the picnic people left on the ground. hahahah!!!

Basin chairlift @ The Gorge

THIS, is THE Gorge.

this picture sometimes makes me think that i was at China

my boots hanging at the top. of. the. world~!

can you IMAGINE if my camera DROPPP down HERE?!?!?!? kakaka!!! gone case.

still dare to cam whore! a bit stiff, ya?

this one looks more "freeee~~!" !

the proud peacock i kutuk-ed ugly once i reached the bottom! LOL

entering a palace of flowers~!~!~!

yay~ kesampaian! (Alfi said this picture i zhou guang ! where got larr?!)

i THINK i found a periuk kera!!!

Yellow, Blue, and Pink WITH the Periuk Kera (if it is lahh)

~*Flower Fairiessss*~

budtime buddies!!!!

Backstreet Girls, ALRIGHT!

so, Kamini found the PINK flowers and posed...

...and Alfi posed too!!! like Kamini. yeee~!

OK. here comes a silly lil' montage story thingy going on, ya? -

1. YAY! Kamini found the PINK flowers!

2. So she became the Bride and we were her bridesmaid!

3. One, two, three, THROW!!! Catch, catch!! The next one to marry will be YOU!

4. Hurray! Irene jadi the NEXT one to kahwin.

And the Fantastic 4our live happily, ever, after~~~ lol

Next on, we journeyed on the hanging bridge across The Gorge!

this is the next Miss Malaysia. HAHAHA!!! qqq:

or maybe Miss Asian Tasmania.

Irene in her sunnies!

Irene | Alfi | Miss C !!!

Backstreeting on the bridge.

capturing what's capturing me

HI~!! the princess coming out from the flower palace~!! ^^

Shasha and Najib looking like ants from above!

Irene and Tracy and a welcome helping hand

now its the birthday girl's turn to tour The Gorge; so we click "that button" allll the way while waiting, man~.....

BADDD influence! haha!!

5 Guys and A F1ower. :P

Kamini wants one too!

the wind blew me up! hehe!!

loving relaxation~ ~ ~

sunnies to taggg!

which i tagged at Facebook! kekeke!

my favourite shot from Rizal's

the birthday girl is back!!

a picture. with many expressions

the birthday girl, & i.

Ain and a sketched portrait of herself as a gift; from Nazreen and Ash.

Ain and the guys.

with the beautiful, hot girls~!

Happy Birthday, Ain!!!

Kamini's favourite pose? haha

again. this time with the guys as well.

okok; a normal one.

Birthday Girl 's Shot - Of - The - Day in Black and White.


Nice bo??? ^^

shelter me with your love!! lol~


p/s: you may leave comments if you think modeling is my cup of tea. ha-ha-ha!









Summer Pool Shots!




Okeh! until #11 enough. cuz here chocolate was being silly, and some NUTS came along...!


see that THINGYYY??? nuts la, that kid! picture spoiler!

"can i take a picture with you? can i take a picture with you?" wtf.

SEE (?!) the OTHER one coming up behind MEEE?!?!?! it's not like they wanna take pictures with me actually, but they are just so BOGAN like and think i looked kinda different from them or an alien or something. somemore keep splashing water on me! kanasai~

but i still walked away happily...

...when all the sudden this is what happened to the pool they swam in.

HA - HA - HA !!! i'm not that bad laa~ but seriously that's what happened. got worm bubbling out as well. Yuck!!!

Alrighto! remember to leave your comments and DON'T complain about my pictures eating your megabytes! cuz it's li shuo dang ran de if you wanna enter my site. (((: