Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For the Sake of Blogging , Your Sake of Updating .

Launceston Kite Festival 07'

family in blue teaching their son baseball ? or is it cricket ? =s

picnic !

# Group Pic 1

Eric | Amber | Kong Soon | Felix | Miss C

| Eric and his wife , Amber | (my housemates)

my lou poh zai , Irene and me

us again with Yummy Hot Chocs (it's not me who added the word yummy ; its the real name)

Irene and Eileen

lou poh , what are you doing with what you are holding ???!!!

sigh ~ what to do ... i don't have what it takes to satisfy her . HAHAHA !!!

actually ... (LMAO ! look at Irene ...) we shared a sausage but we "kengg fei" (scared fat) so we used tissue paper to wipe off the oil .

but ONE is not enough and Irene kept squeezinggg and strokingggg and rubbbbing that sausage untill the END , we used up THREE tissue papers to absorb the oil from ONE sausage !!!!! imagine how MUCH oil would we consume if we didn't do that !?

that's how the dirrrtty thought pop up lah . what to do ? really looks like it wad ...

i sengaja put this pic up to kacau her . hahaha ! imagine Irene , IMAGINEEEE !!! (LOL!)

the TAIKO TAS again ! anyone recallll ?? from the MSA night , same faces . apparently , their drum hitting could make the "kite spirits" fly higher ? =s I DON'T KNOW !!!

fUh yOhhh , Irene ~ hahaha !

fly , kite , FLYYY !!!

my kite ... not . )= i wanna play but pai sei cuz i know it will never , ever , fly ... )))':

# Group Pic 2 (Before)

# Group Pic 3 (After) - with costumes lah that is (kecuali me and my spouse) , if you don't realize that and thought i posted up the same people different pose pictures . q:

my lou poh and lou poh ; Irene and Felix , and I . hahaha ! (insists wanna be male) - with ICY POLES !!!!! you tau apa ituh ??

semua cakap i gangster . chio bu acting diao can ? q:

now acting as your girl - next - door . #^^#

frankly , i damn tulan loh , thats why lazy to blog properly . at first i woke up early this morning to blog about this kite day , but then ... this LIM BOON HONG (dahlah send me ZOMBIE to facebook room) send me pictures of Launceston's Kite Day LAST YEAR (2006) pulak .

SEE !!!

SEE ???

i got jealous can ? so much picturesque than my ONCE in a LIFETIME ONE time kite festival visit ... )))))::: *pout!*