Friday, October 26, 2007

Grinding Turtle 's Shell

1. He cut his own wrist and sent himself to the hospital, telling the doctor it was an accident.

2. The steaming shower feels like an orgasm; the scarce of oxygen, the trickling of water through empty ears, closing her eyes she feels it flowing pass every curves of her body. The sensation, the vibe, the touch. Fondle. Grapple. Grasp! She grips the iron bars with her fingers, the water stops running. Where is the body?

3. His ex girlfriend sent him a song on a Saturday night. She is this lonely bitch who has nothing to do thus finds him back. That's why he broke up with me. Fuck! Shall I cut my wrist to bring the pain from my heart to my hands. I will get his sympathy!

4. "I will support you no matter what. Whatever you do, just remember that, ok?"
"I miss you."
"I... care for you too."
"I miss you, mum."
"I care..."
That day, I cried. But we didn't hear each other.

5. I listen and I understand, but I didn't mention why are you such a mess. If I can live with it, why can't you? Hey, it's your socks I'm wearing!

6. Princess...
Where are you?
You there???
I guess you are busy???
Chatting with your friends on MSN and blogging???
*-) ^o) :)

Last message received at 12.48 PM on X/Y/2007 .

7. I don't understand.

8. He is married and has five daughters, two adopted. He touches them everywhere and makes their pussy wet.

9. All you wanted is to get into my pants and fuck me hard. This is not a question, so i demand no answer. This is just a statement, not a matter of fact either. But if it is true, you underestimated me. Think twice before you speak. It only means respect.

Still, he answers a statement with no question mark at the end of it. Why do you it is so?

10. Cindy? Cindy Tey, you mean? Who is Tey Cindy. HA-HA-HA! She is... You know what? You'll have to it find out by yourself.

11. A: Girl, why do you keep telling me that you are a virgin?

B: Boy, you make me sick. I am and fuck you better swallow that.