Monday, October 29, 2007

The Lord of The Lorhs

look . at . that . THING . on . my . HEAD !!!

Jesussss ~ it's so damnnn The Ugly lorrr ... ))):

the barge , and pontoon where we perform ("Tamar Tidings" - today FIRST DAY showing!!!) , and where audiences sit -so curam ... i hope no one guling down and die lorhh ...

Peter Hammond 's back . (the Director lorh ; siapa lagiii)

"The Shot" limpek took for Ain

... and this is what we do everyday mingling around the Seaport all our life lately ...

become 1907 convicts who got lost at 2007 lorh

take pictures under the FREE good lighting lorh

become the Most Fashionable Poser convicts lorh - with sunglasses and a shinning new red bike summore

what else ... ?

everyday eat gelato ice cream lorh ... eat until i tried all the flavours and put on more weight . siao liao ~ !

have dinner at Mud bar lorh . please turn your head to the right , geniuses

wine and bread

appetizers and a sexy slimy sly oyster

steak and wedges

my dinner , my salmon , but where is my muse ???

glittering in red nails and leopard prints ~

attend conferences lorh

in specs summore but whadlahtodo

attend BALL lorh ... ,

make up lorh

pose lorh

make sure look like princess lorh

become Cinderella lahh

- why do i sound so lazy ?!

SVPA Hollywood Theme Ball 07'

why attending a performing art course's ball is special

spotlight on meat ? ! @.@

sparkling wines and desserts

Tracy | Kristen | Ain | Miss C

Ain | Miss C | Paige | Mo | Trace

on the dance floor ...

performing art students performing live

macam MTV

Ain | Sarah | Tracy

Me and Sarah

Rosie and I with hues of yellow

after the fun , next day wake up , go uni do COSTUMES lorh

the bloody costumes

ugly nasty grotesque CHEAP wigs

world's UGLIEST shoe !!!

cibye apples

a worn out mother fuckin' princess

lunching at ESK cafe with Ain and Tracy wasting money

salmon crepe with fresh garden salad

i guess i'm a lil' stressed up . have come to THAT YES , THAT ! point of your life when you start to question where you should go after you graduate lahh , what you want lahh , how to even start lahh ~ it's very annoying . very , very , annoying .

one reason that can definitely make me cry is when i feel lost , awfully miss someone , or to think deeply about my mum's image . how bizarre .

# 4. in the entry before this one is a micro excerpt from a heart-rending phone conversation with mummy . poignant giler .

-thanks to my chicken family who became my temporary family here in Tassie . though i know , its not so ... but fuck that .

mum ? , i miss you . xoxo ! (:

a *NEW authentic Indian restaurant opened at Mowbray (the suburb i live in) and we , the Chicken Family went !!!

still need to intro meh ~ diao ... intro many times dy lahhh !

Eric | Kong Soon | Suresh | AND , you-who-don't-want-to-take-picture-also-don't-need-to-show-disgusted-face-LORH !!!

nasi briyani , garlic naans , papadams , curriesss , fUh yOh ~ !!!

*&^%$#@! sYiOk GiLeR ~!@#$%^&*

all very pretty girls on a couch . where to find ??? come Tassie lah ! hahaha !!!

anyone knows why indians always associate elephants with their decorations , etc etc?

kissing the elephant's trunk !? if you stare properly at my eyes ... actually this is the picture i took just after i cried lorh ~ ))):

Kamini Lynette !!! wadchudoin ~ ! HAHAHA !

see my cacat pose ?? actually there is ANOTHER fake elephant besides me wan ... i thought of making my right hand like the trunk also marr

unwanted chicken parts . Lelong , LELONG !! lol

i'm an Indian princess . q:

randoms lah harr ~ some shots i just got from Ain :

Joel | Vaseist | Miss C during rehearsals for MSA night

The 3 hosts & Best Dressed Nominationsss including Miss C taking double roles . q=

during Mak Yong rehearsals -behind the scenes- :

in my PINK room ~ !

i just couldn't give a damn ; wore khun sa (baju tidur laa) go out . LOL !

i couldn't remember when Ain and I took this picture , so i made it Black & White

at the end of the day ? friends are still one of the essential things in our life . i looked out a window one day and felt an overweight sense of seclusion and forlorn hinting me something .

i went to a party yesterday and recognized for good the faces who loves and hates me.

i clicked into my picture album @ Facebook this morn named "Cocktails & Masquerades" , and i see you , i see you , you and you ; always you guys who loves , cherish , and have good faith in me .

aiyah , but sometimes it's just one - of - those - times when you feel like you want "something" more to life lahh , you know what i mean ?

being naughty . LOL ! q:

Current mood : Lorrrhhhhh kao kao ~ !!! Long Live The Lord of The Lorhs - LOL