Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Memorial : The Silence of Extinction

this entry is just a simple one about The Silence of Plants & Animals Extinction . it seems like most of us TOTALLY forgot about it , hey ? well , or at least I did .

we had our MSA prom meeting in a lecture hall at the main entrance and a very picturesque piece of art work caught my eye . its CUTE too !

apparently , these thoughtful people prepared a pair of good scissors and color papers cut readily in 4 X 4 cm size on a desk .

anyone who pass by can feel free to design their own animal or plant cut on the paper ( or whatever you want , really ) , and then place them in these tiny plastic bags in a HUGE plastic poster hanging on the wall !

below is Alvin silently making his paper thingy ~

that's the point , really ~ to be silent . so that you remember the reason you're doing it , not just for fun ~ !!!

but apparently , this is what we did :

Ain and Khulbir posing as Art & Fart . *hahaha !!!* (artsy fartsy marrr~)

muah ~

but i didn't just fool around though ~ ! i did my part "silently" too !

Below is my master piece :

a fallen heart from a perfect square .

silence turned into ringing of sirens . our uni got on FIRE !!!

i always thought that the fire extinguishers and sirens are stupid and a waste of money , but it seemed that we got to use them FINALLY !

Firemen to the Rescue !

See the firemen ?!?!?! Still can STROLL , not RUN !!!

Sweat laaaa .... Tasmania , Tasmania oi ~ Like Turtle Island . -.- "

Fortunately , no one died , nothing was destroyed .

OK , i actually have a presentation tomorrow at NINE and its TWO a.m.. *sobz*

Sorry , can't talk much . See ya soon & Happy Reading ~ ! ^^