Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Say This But Don't Hate Me Lah

i'm sitting here in front of my lap top surfing while sniffing this fishy odor of selfishness accumulating in the cyber world i'm in . let me ask you how conceited and self-centered we are . especially bloggers . why wouldn't you agree ?

take bloggers as an example . there are more and more random bloggers emerging out from all over the place lately . almost everyone who owns a Friendster account owns a blog already . i hesitate to go far , so i will just talk about Malaysian / Singaporean bloggers .

i don't care ; we are both the same in my eyes ; except for your currency . no one cares if you are from an island , proud to have land shortage , or have produced phua chu kang .

The FACT Is ! :

You "read" My blog ? I "read" Your blog . | You don't view Me ? Why should I ?!

just ask yourself . do You really read ? OR do You just browse through ? Cuz BlogLog doesn't tell all this crap ! ; all it does is just prove who DROPS by Your page ~!

You left Me a COMMENT ?! Ok , I leave You a comment . | You didn't this time ? I AM lazy too .

it is either you have a VERY good blog , you have something SPECIAL that others CAN'T provide in THEIR blog , or you PUBLICIZE your own blog by applying the ABOVE concept to promote your online diary .

-thank God i realized this . from now on , i will never go around reading selfish and individualistic blogger's blog(s) anymore . its SUCH a waste of time .

this is why it is a WASTE Of TIME .

i was so free one day all i did was browsing through some blogs from my Chili Padies list and also from my BlogLog . most of them had 2 to 5 comments . some have none . two out of ten would have 12 to 20+ comments .

i tried my best to read every word of those entries with 0 comments . don't ask if its because i was being emphatic ; i did that because i believed there MUST be something interesting in these chaste and untouched virgin blogs . sadly , to most of them , i find them rather stale and defunct or monotonous and banausic they feel so tedious .

# 1 . its ALWAYS about food . food EVERYWHERE !

its repetitious , humdrum , and soporific . scared no food to eat outside is it ? must see from the screen ?

it is OK if you are a food lover ; traveling and searching for populous delicacies from all over the world , famous but hidden restaurants , or even roadside stalls at some rural areas in Malaysia itself , but what is this ?! i see people posting up pictures of bak ku teh , belacan kangkung , sweet and sour pork , all from hawker stalls !!! c'mmon , practice stretching your eye lids bigger and think out of the box ! we see that almost everyday , do we need to see it again from your blog ???

i don't think i have to give any examples here as there are TOO many of them and that would mean i am not being fair .

# 2. second comes people who are really bad at drawing but are comic drawers wannabes .

these people draw very , very , bad and ugly drawings with lousy metaphors and/or theories . you see scribblings like a 6 year old or the better ones would be stick people that were drew in markedly straight lines , but that doesn't prove that you have a better blog !

here are 2 blog examples which you most probably have heard of which i consider good comic blogs :

jasonphoon - this guy's comic is short , simple , neat and clean ; he makes you think AND laugh , not just read and hee-haw your ass off .

bitterstickgirl - bitterstickgirl is a Singaporean blogger who ALSO has simple but , mind provoking comics . no words . user friendly . you just simply relate to it .

you can have very beautiful comic drawings , but if you have 0 theory , you might as well just go paint portraits and landscapes .

# 3. bloggers who loves to conteng their pictures . =.= "

OI ~ ! What IS Wrong With YOU ???!!!

Alright , it absolutely works marvelously if it DOES turn out humorous , but if you keep doing it too much , with cluttered contengan of a 4 year old all over the place ... IMAGINE how would that look !?!?

forgiven . perhaps you used up too much time learning how to draw using Paint anything you scribbled you think it's pretty .

# 4. next - people who try SOOO hard to make their blog funny ; WHEN ITS NOT , AND JUST SADLY CAN'T BE ! ! !

inappropriate words that would never be friends when put together are forced to be "married" and "be happy" . *if you know what THAT means~*

i came across this blogger who loves making sentences like :

" ... My pretty and cute girlfriend is sweeping the floor while i am writing this blog and suddenly , she screamed ! I was so shocked and turned around to look at her to see what happened . Actually the broom accidentally stuck into her ass . HAHAHA !!! "


Ok , maybe you find this funny . but isnt it rather obvious that he is a try-hard comedic blogger wannabe ??? at least i think so ~ correct me if i'm wrong .

# 5. lastly : vain cam whore bloggers who desperately want to show off to the world how beautiful they think they are , and how glamorously they live their life .

i admit i fall into this category , and i can't never get out of it , because this is me . -___-"

HOWEVER , i am DEFINITELY NOT the only one here . (:

if you look at my Chili Padies list , you will find most of them are chio bu (ssss) like me too ! and to the most of us , we just love sussing out pretty girls to see who is the "fairest one of all" .

you know , blogs from people like this are usually highly appreciated and admired by guys and girls alike IF you really are pretty or AT LEAST have the look to be such a lady blogger . but i've seen some really , really omfg appalling , misshape betinas who tries so hard to be one of us . @.@ i can really understand if they are 16 or 18 ~ no one cares really . but some ...

  • too young , but wanna act 25
  • don't know how to put make up , but still want to put , thus look like a cake face auntie
  • fat pork chop , but still wear tight clothes
  • very ugly , but still do cute poses
  • cam whore at places like 15 cm into the cupboard (no light) OR a terrace house living room backdrop with Chinese New Year decorations that aged over twenty years already ~
anyway , i have nothing against ANY bloggers in particular . as i couldn't even remember who owns which blog . i only remembered some good ones i read weekly or those belong to my best friends .

i am not an excellent blogger myself , and i admit my flaws . critique all you can , this is your chance to get back at me if you disagree with what i post this time .

but THIS is what i call : AWARENESS .

below is what my MSN personal message sounds like today :

Brilliance + Ego = Stupidity ; When the Stupid can't even see s/he is Stupid , that's even WORST .

Get that ??? (: